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International Organisations Research Institute (IORI)

The G8-G20 Relationship in Global Governance In print

Gilman M. G., Hajnal P. I., Kokotsis E. et al.

Ashgate, 2014.

Can the Partnership for Modernisation Help Promote the EU–Russia Strategic Partnership?

Larionova M. V.

European Politics and Society. 2014.

Book chapter
BRICS: Emergence of Health Agenda

Larionova M. V., Rakhmangulov M. R., Sakharov A. G. et al.

In bk.: The BRICS Group in the Spotlight: an Interdisciplinary Approach. Vol. 5. 2015. P. 175 -202.

Working paper
The Russian Federation’s International Development Assistance Programme: A State of the Debate Report

Larionova M. V., Rakhmangulov M. R., Berenson M. P.

Rising Powers in International Development. AG Level 2 Output ID: 143. Institute of Development Studies (IDS), 2014. No. 88.

BRICS member countries adopted Joint Statement Regarding the Principles of Elaboration of International Instruments on Outer Spac е Activities

The 17th Global Trade Alert (GTA) Report “The BRICS Trade Strategy: Time for a Rethink” is released

Russian National Committee on BRICS Research announces international contest for young scientists on the topic “Problems of multilateral cooperation within BRICS (economy, policy, humanitarian sphere)”

BRICS Senior Officials Meeting on Health Issues was held in Irkutsk on July13-15, 2015

The 7th BRICS summit was held in Ufa on July 8-9, 2015

Bilateral meetings at BRICS Ufa summit

BRICS trade union forum was held in Ufa on July 9, 2015

Annual meeting of governors of banks involved in BRICS interbank cooperation was held in Ufa on July 8, 2015

SCO and BRICS financial forum was held in Ufa on July 8, 2015

BRICS finance ministers and central bank governors met in Moscow on July 7, 2015