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For Accepted Students

Welcome! In preparation for your time at HSE, you may want to look at our suggested pre-departure checklist. You can also see what you’ll take care of in your first few weeks in our first-steps guide for full-degree students. We’ve also put together tips for life in Moscow, so that you can easily figure out where to eathow to get around, and what the history of the neighborhoods that you’ll be living in is.

Visa Support and Immigration

HSE provides full visa support for international students studying at HSE. Our team will walk you through the entire process, starting after you commit to studying at HSE.

Please be sure to specify in your programme application whether or not you will need a student visa.

To apply for a Russian visa, your passport must be valid for the next 1.5 years following your anticipated date of arrival. Please check to make sure that your passport meets this requirement.

Please note that students awarded Government Scholarships receive additional visa support through the Ministry of Education and Science.  Scholarship recipients will receive separate instructions for their visa application process.

Additionally, students with double citizenship (one of which is Russian) can only enter the Russian Federation with their Russian passport and cannot apply for a student visa on their second passport.  Students with diplomatic or work visas also can enter Russia and study with these types of visas.

The visa application takes at least two months – so please contact us as soon as you know that you want to study at HSE!

How the visa process works:

1.   Fill out the visa invitation application here. You can also download a PDF version of the application and email a completed copy with a scan of your passport to inter@hse.ru.

2.   The International Admissions Office will contact you to confirm receipt of your application. It will then apply to the Migration Office for an official invitation letter. This process takes between a month and six weeks.

3.   While your invitation letter is being processed, please review the website of the Russian embassy or consulate where you will be applying for a visa to find what other documents are required to apply for a student visa. You can start to prepare these documents.

4.   Once the invitation letter is ready, HSE will send it with the formal acceptance letter to the student’s mailing address via express post (students may have to cover the cost of post).

5.   When you receive the visa invitation letter and formal acceptance letter, you can apply for your student visa. Please consult the website of the Russian consulate or embassy where you are applying to make sure that you have all of the required documents prepared when you apply. Visa processing times can range from 3 to 10 business days.

6.   Once you have received your visa, please send a scan to the manager of your programme.

All students will be issued a single entry visa. Upon arrival at HSE, students can apply for a multi-entry visa that will be valid for the entire period of their studies. More information about visas is available here.

Please note that HSE only supports visa applications for accepted students and does not sponsor visas for their family members and/or friends. 

Diploma Recognition

Before studying at HSE, accepted students must submit all foreign diplomas and certificates for official recognition by the university. This is the standard procedure for recognizing foreign education in the Russian Federation and allows students to continue their education at the appropriate level at a Russian educational institution. All foreign diplomas and credentials must be translated into Russian. Depending on the country in which your credentials were awarded, you may need to have them legalized. Documents from some countries do not require legalization (the list of exempt countries is available here). Please note that diploma recognition by HSE is only valid for internal purposes and is free of charge.

Online application for recognition of foreign credentials (in English)

Online application for recognition of foreign credentials (in Russian)

Should you need official recognition for external purposes (for example, employment), you will need to complete another application and pay a fee (6500 RUB).

For any questions about the recognition procedure, please contact recognition@hse.ru.

HSE Procedure for Recognizing Foreign Education and (or) Qualifications 

Financial Aid

Scholarships are available for accepted students in selected programmes. To view scholarship opportunities, please visit this site. For more information, you can also contact inter@hse.ru

Part-time Work
Full-time international students at HSE can work part-time on their student visas, however, students who do not speak Russian may have difficulties finding employment. HSE in no way guarantees employment for students.  Learn more about employment opportunities here.  

Study Abroad 
HSE has more than 130 student exchange agreements with universities all around the world. To learn more about study abroad programmes, as well as internship and grant opportunities, please visit this site.