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Upon Arrival Instructions for Accepted Fee-paying Candidates 2017

Dear HSE prospective student,
Congratulations on your acceptance to HSE!

This letter contains important information on arrival and enrollment procedures:

Prior to departure
Upon arrival 
After enrollment

Please read it carefully. In order to complete the necessary administrative procedures and familiarize yourself with the University. We recommend to arrive in Moscow by August 27th. We do suggest you buy flexible plane tickets due to possible visa delays.

Upon receiving HSE visa invitation letter along with the acceptance letter, you can apply for your single-entry student visa (for 90 days). Check this website for more details: visa and take a look of detailed 
Memo for international students who require a visa to enter Russia

Please note: To apply for a Student visa to Russia your passport must be valid for at least 1,5 years beginning from the validity start date of the visa.

Please note: Students with Russian citizenship must enter the Russian Federation with their Russian passport only and hence they do not need to apply for a visa.

Students with diplomatic, work visas or students from CIS countries do not need to apply for a student visa from HSE. In this case, please send a scan of your visa to inter@hse.ru and your programme manager’s email.

HSE does not sponsor visas for family members or friends. If you intend to have guests come visit you in Russia, their visa and registration arrangements will have to be taken care of independently.

As a student, you are guaranteed a place in HSE student dormitories. Please fill in Google form below if you need a dormitory.

Pre-departure checklist:


Complete and sign the Obligation Form in English or Russian fulfilling an obligation to legalize your diploma at a later date. Please also attach an official paper from your educational institution confirming that you have successfully passed all exams, have been conferred a degree, and will obtain a diploma little later due to the organization of educational process.

  • Depending on your chosen payment method (see Payment section below); check with your bank/card provider that you can complete any necessary banking transactions/operations from abroad.
  • Fill out Google form confirming that you need a dormitory and your flight number with the date and time of your arrival. Please note that dormitory rooms will be allocated starting from August 21, the list will be updated every week and published on our website.
  • Enroll for a health insurance plan valid in Russia or decide which medical insurance to apply for in Russia.
  • Apply to ESN HSE Moscow for a buddy here. Get in contact with your buddy even if you are already in Moscow. More information on the buddy programme can be found here .
  • Check directions to the HSE dormitory or any other place of accommodation.
  • Check how to get to the city from the airport (Aeroexpress trains, taxi).
  • Check with your bank the maximum cash amount you can withdraw in Russia.

You may also want to check this website: pre-departure checklist.

Documents to travel with:

Make copies of the following and keep them in your carry-on luggage:

  • Passport with Russian single-entry visa
  • HSE Acceptance letter
  • HSE Dormitory Residents: a general medical certificate.



Arrival checklist:

  • Keep your migration card from passport control.
  • Make sure you appointed a meeting with your buddy. Register at the HSE Visa & Registration Unit in Moscow (see Registration section below). You must do it every time when entering the Russian Federation and getting a new migration card.
  • Enroll following the procedures below (if applicable: pay university fees).
  • Attend an orientation session starting from August 23 at earliest.


Upon arrival to Moscow, ALL students (visa and non-visa) must be registered by HSE’s Visa & Registration Unit. We highly recommend you to apply for the registration within 2 working days after you enter the Russian Federation. Provide copies of your passport, visa and migration card to the dormitory administration after your check-in OR email scans of the documents to visa-registration@hse.ru if you do not reside in an HSE dormitory.

If a foreign citizen remains in Russia for more than 7 working days without registration, he or she will have to leave the country with a possible ban on entering Russia for the next 3 years.

Enrollment Procedure:

If you come to Moscow by August 31 latest, you should follow these steps:

1. Go to the Admissions Office for foreigners with your buddy to finalize your enrollment at HSE. The Address is Office 319/319a on 11 Myasnitskaya Street. Open Monday-Friday, 10.00 – 18.00. Present the following original documents: 

Make sure all your documents translated into Russian, have your first/last names spelt correctly and  match your Russian entry visa. Otherwise, you will need to have your documents re-translated accordingly.

2. Go to Office 105 on 13/4 Myasnitskaya Street to sign your study contract (2 copies). Contact persons are Valeriya Kupina and Ruzilya Sabirova.
  • Keep a copy of the contract and take note of the contract number (header on the first page in No.) which is required for payment later (see Payment section below).

After the Admissions Office for foreigners accepts your documents and payment (see below) is complete, you will be officially enrolled as an HSE student. Please note that this procedure might take one or two weeks.

If you come to Moscow after August 31, you should follow the steps above, though visiting the Admissions Office for foreigners with your buddy at Office 105 on 13/4 Myasnitskaya Street.  



For those who will be in Moscow by August 28, and wish to pay upon arrival:

Cash in person:

Please note: The tuition fee for each academic year is split into two equal payments. The first semester fee payments must be made by August 30 latest.

  • Obtain an invoice from Ruzilya Sabirova, the Admissions Office for foreigners on 13/4 Myasnitskaya Street, room 105 (Open Monday-Friday, 10.00 – 17.00).
  • Go with your buddy to Sberbank, ORGBANK or Raiffeisen Bank (situated on Myasnitskaya street).
  • Ensure you have the correct amount in Rubles.
  • Provide your passport, an original notarized Russian translation of your passport, your registration slip (see registration section) and invoice to the cashier.
  • Make sure that you obtain a stamped receipt, scan it and email to vkupina@hse.ru AND inter@hse.ru.

For those who will not be in Moscow by August 28 OR wish to pay via bank transfer, two payment options are availble: 

Please note: The tuition fee for each academic year is split into two equal payments. The first semester fee payments must be made by August 30 latest.

1. Bank Transfer (highly recommended):

  • Locate HSE’s bank details in your contract
  • Make sure that your contract number(see Enrollment Section) and name are written in Cyrillic.
  • Wire the appropriate sum in Rubles only on the day of payment, making sure that commissions and transfer fees are paid, too.
  • Email the payment receipt to vkupina@hse.ru AND inter@hse.ru.

2. Online:


The orientation sessions will take place on August 23-31. The schedule and information can be found here: Orientation for international students.



Upon request, your buddy will accompany you to your programme study office to meet the programme manager. Any questions concerning the course schedule or academic matters should be addressed to him/her directly.

Shortly after your enrollment at HSE, you should apply for a multiple-entry visa. The process is lengthy but has to be completed if you intend to travel outside Russia on vacation. Multiple-entry visa will be valid straight after the day your single-entry visa expired. Though you need to apply for a multiple-entry visa in advance.Thus, if there is a necessity for you to leave Russia before your single-entry visa expires, you can return to Russia only via obtaining a new invitation and applying for a new single-entry visa in your country of residence. You can leave and re-enter Russia as many times as you need only after receiving your multiple-entry visa. More information about the process can be found here.

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Check the Life in Moscow website for useful tips


We look forward to meeting you on campus soon!