Executive Committee 2010-2014
Members of the Executive Committee
Nikita Pokrovsky

Head of the Department of General Sociology at the State University- Higher School of Economics in Moscow and a full professor of sociology at Moscow State University.

His books Early American Philosophy (Vol. I. the Puritans); Ralph Waldo Emerson: In Search of His Universe; The Problem of Anomie in the Modern World, The Maze of a Lonely Personality (2009); Sociology: Paradigms and Themes [latter in
collaboration], Tourism: From Social Theory to the Practice of Management (2009) were favorably reviewed by academic journals in Russia and abroad. With his chapter on “Globalization of Russian Youth” he became a principal contributor to The United Nations Human Development Report 2001 for the Russian Federation.

Since 1999 Nikita Pokrovsky is the President of the Society of Professional Sociologists (Russia) and Vice-President of the Russian Society of Sociologists. He is a member of ISA since 1994 and served as a member of the Executive Committee (2006-2010) and Program Committee of ISA (1998-2002; 2006-2010). He is a vice-president of the RC26 on Sociotechnics and Sociological Practice and International Network for the Assessment of Social Transformation (INAST, Institute of Sociology, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland).

Currently, as the head of a group of leading Russian social scientists, he is maintaining a longitudinal interdisciplinary research on “Cellular Globalization and Focal Economy of Rural Communities in the North of Russia” (2003-,).

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