HSE University Hosts Students of the ’Doing Business in Russia’ Programme

On March 25-29, the 'Doing Business in Russia' Programme began its 2018-2019 Spring Semester on HSE's Moscow campus. The kick-off event brought together local and German experts, the German Embassy in Moscow, the Moscow office of DAAD, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, specialists from German companies operating in Russia, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and students from Germany and Netherlands.

The official opening in the new building of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce on March 25 was inaugerated with a speech from the programme’s director, Prof. Natalia Guseva. This was followed by presentations from the Vice Rector of HSE University, Mr. Ivan Prostakov, the Head of Department of Economy and Science of the German Embassy in Moscow, Mr. Thomas Graf, the Chairman of the Board of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Matthias Schepp, the representative of the DAAD’s office in Moscow, Ms. Anna Metzler, and a leading German expert of the Deutsch-Russisches Forum e.V., Dr. Gregor Berghorn.

At the event, students from Germany had an opportunity to take part in an induction module at HSE University and learn about doing business in Russia. Lectures were given by Dr. Sergey Efremov (Chief of the Delivery Unit, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation), Prof. Natalia Guseva (HSE Faculty of Business and Management), Dr. Christian Fröhlich (Assistant Professor, HSE Faculty of Social Science), Ms. Marina Kozak (Director of HSE International Education Training & Advisory Centre), Ms. Marina Timonina (Event-Manager of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce ) and Dr. G. Berghorn (Deutch-Russisches Forum e.V. and the former Head of DAAD’s office in Moscow).

On March 28, the German Embassy hosted a ceremonial reception of the Plenipotentiary Minister and Permanent Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Russian Federation, Mrs. Beate Grzeski, on the occasion of the completion of the 2018 Fall Semester and the beginning of the 2018-2019 Spring Semester of the ‘Doing Business in Russia’ Programme.

The knowledge and skills acquired thanks to taking part in this course will be useful to anyone considering an international career and, in particular, to those planning to work as consultants or country experts at multinational companies operating in Russia.

Over a six-month period, students will be working at German companies, as well as engaging in team projects with leading HSE experts. At the end of the internship period in September 2019, the closing experience-sharing seminar and defense of team projects will take place once again at HSE.

You can learn more about the programme here and apply for the 2019 Fall Semester!