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ФакультетыУчебные курсы39.03.01. СоциологияЭкономическая социология

Sociology of Entrepreneurship

Учебный год: 2015/2016

Goals of the course

- Exploration of views on the substance and conditions of entrepreneurial activity in Russia and abroad;

- study of basic terms and approaches of the contemporary Entrepreneurship theory;

- appropriation of empirical results of entrepreneurship research based on modern approaches  (instruments and methods);

- use of basic analytical and instrumental competences in entrepreneurship research.

As a result of study, students should:

-              know the main specifics of entrepreneurship as a form of economic activity and of social practice, the typology of its forms as well as the most important problems of entrepreneurship development in transitional economies,

-              be able to analyze macro parameters of the SME sector development,

-              know the place of entrepreneurship in different concepts of social development,

-              have an idea on main elements and specifics of entrepreneurial framework conditions and specifics of entrepreneurship environments in developed market economies and transitional economies,

-              be able to apply methods of empirical analysis to investigate different aspects of entrepreneurship development.

Main statements and findings might be used in the following disciplines study:

-         Small entrepreneurship;

-         Sociology of Markets.

In the course teaching, a significant role plays the self-preparation of the students, because both of the shortage of time as well as of plenty of information and sources of information. The lectures and seminars deal only with the core, important methodic and theoretical questions, a big amount of study material, mainly of factual character, is to study outside of teaching hours. Therefore, each lecture and seminar topic is provides with a list of core literature and in most cases also with additional sources; other literature and Internet sources should be studied by students themselves.

Статус: Курс по выбору
Язык: английский
Уровень: Бакалавриат
Направление: 39.03.01. Социология
Специализация: Экономическая социология
Когда читается: 4-й курс, 1 модуль
Кредитов: 5
Образовательная программа: Социология