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Бакалавриат 2015/2016

Навыки межкультурной коммуникации в международной среде

Статус: Курс обязательный (Менеджмент)
Направление: 38.03.02. Менеджмент
Кто читает: Кафедра иностранных языков (Нижний Новгород)
Когда читается: 3-й курс, 1-3 модуль
Язык: английский
Кредиты: 3

Skills of intercultural communication in international environment

Course description:

The course is aimed at teaching the basics of cross-cultural communication skills. The theoretical part includes studying the major concepts of cross-cultural interaction, including Hofstede’s theory, E.T. Hall’s approach, and Lewis’ model, as well as national and business cultures of different countries. The practical aspect of the course gives an opportunity to acquire skills essential for communicating in cross-cultural situations, such as meetings, negotiations, working in multicultural teams and making presentations for audiences with various cultural backgrounds. The final output is obtaining the basic intercultural competence through combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Instructors: N.A. Emelyanova, E.A. Voronina

Credit points: 2

Faculty: Management

Language: English

Level: Bachelor

Academic hours: 52


1.            Building Cultural Awareness

2.            Public Speaking in Cross-Cultural Environment: Presenting Across Cultures

3.            Developing Intercultural Skills. Cultural Intelligence.

4.            Communicating effectively.

5.            Managing Meetings

6.            Negotiating Across Cultures

7.            Working in an International Team. Managing Conflict. Managing Diversity and Creativity.

8.            Linear-active cultures: USA, Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavia.

9.            Multi-active cultures: Russia, Italy, France, Africa, South America

10.       Reactive cultures: Japan, China



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  2. Samovar, Larry A., Richard E. Porter, Edwin R. McDaniel, Carolyn S. Roy - Communication Between Cultures. Cengage Learning (2012)
  3. Hofstede's centre: http://geert-hofstede.com/national-culture.html
  4. Lewis, Richard D. When Cultures Collide: Managing Successfully Across Cultures. London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 1996.