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Бакалавриат 2018/2019


Лучший по критерию «Полезность курса для Вашей будущей карьеры»
Статус: Курс обязательный (Маркетинг и рыночная аналитика)
Направление: 38.03.02. Менеджмент
Когда читается: 2-й курс, 1, 2 модуль
Формат изучения: Blended
Язык: английский
Кредиты: 4

Course Syllabus


The aim of the Basics of Digital Marketing Course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills about role and opportunities of a digital marketing and its importance for marketing success nowadays. It highlights the importance of understanding how to create digital marketing strategy, to set up goals and calculate a return of investments as a result of implemented strategy. The application of the gained knowledge, skills and competences will help future managers in creating digital marketing plan for managing a digital marketing performance efficiently. The course is relevant for both future professional application and further scientific studies.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the advantages and drawbacks of digital marketing
  • To know how to develop digital strategy and implement it
  • To understand the application area of SEO, PPC, Content, Email, SMM, Mobile and other tools of digital marketing.
  • To calculate ROMI of digital strategy
  • To challenge students to shift from being a receiver of ideas, facts, concepts and techniques, to a style of generating ideas, identifying problems, analyzing and evaluating alternatives and thus to develop the most important international marketers’ skills
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to assess the needs of resources and to plan usage of resources to solve the tasks in professional field.
  • Ability to work with information: identify the data, estimate the necessity, collect data in the field and from different sources to solve the stated tasks (as well as systematic approach)
  • Ability to participate in development of marketing strategy, to plan and implement the activities for goals achievement.
  • To develop a content plan (types, schedule)
  • To apply different types of mobile advertizing
  • To develop digital marketing strategy
  • To create mediaplan and to plan budget
  • To calculate ROMI of digital marketing strategy
  • Ability to learn, acquire new knowledge and skills in professional and none professional fields.
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    Types of digital marketing. Traditional vs. digital marketing. Benefits of online marketing. What is digital marketing? Digital marketing and customer journey. Digital marketing and consumers. The customer-led E-Business. Integrated digital marketing campaign. Ethical and legal issues in digital business
  • Website Planning and Structure
    Website goals. Effective website. Website planning. Main steps of website development. Development of site structure. Usability. Accessibility. Keywords and semantic kernel. How to choose domain name. Hosting types. Content management system. Mistakes in web design.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    Why is SEO important? SEO definition. Zipf’s low. SEO mechanisms: onpage optimization, external linking, internal linking, user behavior signals. Google and Yandex search machines algorithms changing. New SEO tendencies.
  • Email Marketing
    What is email marketing. Benefits of emails. Email marketing success factors. Practical tips for email marketing. Focus areas of email marketing: diversification, automation, agile and dynamic, send-time, frequency, monetization. Organizing of email marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing
    What is social media marketing. Different forms of social media. SMM Platforms. The rules of engagement. Integrating Social Media and site of the company. Social media Optimization. Influence and measurement. Build a social media campaign. Develop the content plan and engagement strategy. SMM KPI
  • Content Marketing
    Understanding of customers’ needs and wants. Types of content. The content Calendar. Content marketing strategy
  • Mobile Marketing
    What is mobile marketing? Types of Mobile Marketing. Past, Present, and Future Opportunities for Mobile Marketing. Location-based advertising. Calling and Messaging. Mobile Applications (Apps). Apps promoting. Mobile Advertising. Freemium modeling. In-game advertising. Native Ads. Mobile video. Sponsorship. Accessing content: Pull and Push Tactics. Mobile Privacy and security. Mobile KPI.
  • Email Маркетинг
  • Development of digital strategy
    Why do you need a digital marketing strategy? Long-term and short-term plans. Business, operational and tactic levels of digital planning. Structure of digital marketing plan. Types digital strategies. Managing customer’s journey. Situation analysis. Objectives - 5S approach. Strategy and tactics. Action. Control. Integrated marketing strategy. Risk analysis.
  • Mediaplan and Digital Marketing Budgeting
    Budgeting for digital marketing. Mediaplan development. Choosing proper channels. Coverage. Assessment of CTR, CPA, CPS.
  • ROMI of digital strategy
    Definitions of and Actors Involved in Digital Marketing's Return on Investment. The Different Types of Metrics and KPIs Available—"Quantitative" vs. "Qualitative. Measuring Paid Media. Measuring Owned Media. Measuring Earned Media Focus areas and possible KPI.
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • non-blocking Class Attendance and Participation
  • non-blocking Individual Assignment and group tasks
  • non-blocking Case study
  • non-blocking Intermediate test
    Control test based on video materials, will be held at the end of 1st module
  • non-blocking Digital plan
  • non-blocking Final exam
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • Interim assessment (2 module)
    0.15 * Case study + 0.05 * Class Attendance and Participation + 0.15 * Digital plan + 0.3 * Final exam + 0.2 * Individual Assignment and group tasks + 0.15 * Intermediate test


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