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Бакалавриат 2013/2014

Компьютерные вычисления

Статус: Курс обязательный
Направление: 010100.62 Математика
Когда читается: 2-й курс, 4 модуль
Преподаватели: Кувабара Тоширо (ведет семинары), Ландо Сергей Константинович (ведет семинары), Локтев Сергей Александрович (ведет семинары), Маркарян Никита Суренович (ведет семинары), Рыбников Леонид Григорьевич (проверяет работы и принимает экзамены/зачеты), Тиморин Владлен Анатольевич (автор)
Язык: английский
Кредиты: 3
Course description: In this course, we learn how to use Mathematica in various
mathematical problems. Mathematica is great for visualizing mathematicalobjects (such as
functions, sets, polytopes etc.), for collecting empirical data and for testing conjectures. In
particular, we focus on 3D graphics tools provided by Mathematica. These tools are ideal for
drawing high precision pictures for mathematical papers.
• What is Mathematica? Mathematica combines a computer algebra system and a high-level
programming language. It is a commercial product developed by Wolfram Research. There
are free alternatives to Mathematica such as Sage and other commercial alternatives such as
Maple. There are two reasons for choosing Mathematica for our course: first, Mathematica
is already installed on many department computers, second, Mathematica has special
features (such as the manipulator) that can be used to display results nicely.
If you master Mathematica you will have no difficulty working with other computer algebra
systems since they are all build on the same principles.
• Useful links:
• (1) Notes and assignments of the previous courses (V. Timorin 2010-2012 and V.
Kiritchenko 2011-2012), in Russian
• (2) Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Quick start: http://www.hse.ru/data/2013/04/16/1297544189/QuickStartFull.pdf
Projects: http://www.hse.ru/data/2013/04/28/1296109949/Projects2013.pdf
Материалы по курсу: