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Филипьев Андрей Владимирович
Implementation of Machine Learning Methods into Cloud Systems
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The aim of the graduation paper lies in the practical realization and the implementation of machine learning methods in the actual operating cloud system.

Dodo IS is the cloud system that is being created to automate business processes of the company. This company works according to the system of the franchise sale that allows controlling all the main business processes.

One of the most important modules is module of managing the work schedule of the employees.

The module of work schedule of the employees has some predictable data that the sale outlet manager uses to set the time when an employee must work.

One of the key figures, exactly the income, is counted with the help of very simple formula. The accuracy of this type of formula is rather low and more likely has a random character. This conclusion can be done by analysing the data, as in one case the accuracy may be lower than 10%, in others is close to 100% without any particular logic.

The work carried out and described in this graduation paper is attempting to introduce machine learning methods into an information system that would allow us to improve the projected figures.

The results of the research performed, we may say that the foundation was laid for the implementation of machine learning methods into the cloud system DodoIs. Firstly, the hypothesis of possibility of using the regression analyses with the data available was checked, and then the further directions were set for improving the quality of data model and forecasting results.

Thanks to the developed forecasting module architecture we can say for certain that implemented module will suit all the requirements of working cloud system.

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