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About DeCAn lab

The International Laboratory of Decision Choice and Analysis was established in 2009 with most of its work focused on the theory of individual, social and multicri­terial choice, mathematical modelling and empirical analysis of decision-making in various economic and political institutions, game-theoret­ic models and methods in economics and political theory, and data analysis (methods of clustering, pattern recognition, etc.)

Research areas

  • Economic mechanism design
  • Models of choice for a large number of alternatives
  • Power distribution in groups
  • Application of game theory and social choice theory methods to modelling of coalitional preferences
  • Aggregation models on majority graph
  • Criteria importance theory and the theory of additive utility functions
  • Intelligent data analysis
  • Measures of informativeness defined on the set of attributes of non-deterministic systems
  • Stability of optimal representation of objects images
  • Manipulation in social choice models
  • Models of fair division
  • Mathematical models of organization of public-private partnerships and the study of their mathematical properties
  • Analysis of operating efficiency of commercial banks
  • Automatic interpretation and classification of text documents
  • Modelling of stock exchange processes
  • Mathematical models of high education system
  • Ranking scientific journals with respect to bibliometric indicators


Head: Fuad Aleskerov

Academic Supervisor: Eric Maskin


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