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1. The 1st World Conference on Risk, Banking and Finance 2015 & The 10th International Conference on Asian Financial Markets and Economic development, Tokyo, Japan, January 7-8.
  • Penikas H., Petrov V. Research of SIFI Determinants: Evidence for GSIBs and GSIIs
  • Ermolova M., Penikas H.  PD-LGD Correlation Study: Evidence from the Russian Corporate Bond Market
2. All-Moscow seminar "Expert estimation and data analysis", ICS RAS, Moscow, January 28
  • S. Shvydun Properties of two-stage choice procedures
3. Winter school, "Prognoz" company, Perm, February 14-15
  • Arzamasov V., Penikas H. Modeling integral financial stability index: intercoutry survey
4. World Congress on Global Optimization, Gainesville, Florida - USA, February 22-25
  • L. Egorova (HSE) Mathematical Modeling of the Stock Exchange Behavior with Respect to Individual Traders
  • A. Belenky (HSE) Calculating Nash Equilibria in N-Person Games on Polyhedral Sets of Player Strategies in Large-Scale Economic Systems by Linear Programming Techniques
5. 52nd Public Choice society meeting, San Antonio (USA), March 12-15, 2015
  • A. Karpov (HSE) "Patient mobility, health care quality, welfare and regulation"
6. All-Moscow seminar "Expert estimation and data analysis", ICS RAS, Moscow, March 25
  • Bronevuch A., Kosyuk E., Lepskiy A., Penikas H. The study of conflictness and determinants of forecast accuracy in the recommendations of the Russian financial analysts
7. XVI April International academic conference on economic and social development, HSE, Moscow (Russia), April 7-10, 2015
  • F. Aleskerov (HSE), L. Egorova (HSE) Multi-stage choice model for forecasting the demand for higher education
  • I. Andrievskaya (HSE), E. Permjakova (HSE), F. Aleskerov (HSE) Key borrowers detected by the intensities of their short-range interactions
  • F. Aleskerov (HSE). Honorary paper
  • Y. Veselova (HSE) Computational complexity of social choice rules and manipulation
  • E. Dogan (HSE) Population Monotonicity in Fair Division of Multiple Indivisible Goods
  • D. Efimov (HSE) Coups D'etat in the Modernity: Factors and Models of the Phenomenon
  • A. Ivanov (HSE), D. Karabekyan (HSE), V. Yakuba (ICS RAS) Manipulability of Voting Rules in Impartial Anonymous Culture
  • R. Kamalova (HSE) Comparison of approaches to power distribution analysis using the example of the Weimar Reichstag in 1919-1933.
  • D. Karabekyan (HSE) Voting with variable votes
  • A. Karpov (HSE) Patient Mobility, Health Care Quality, Welfare, and Regulation
  • A. Lepskiy (HSE), H. Penikas (HSE), A. Bronevich (HSE) Analysis of predictive financial information by statistical methods and in the framework of the evidence theory
  • V. Oliinyk (HSE) "The Analysis of the Structure of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2007 - 2012) Based on the Roll-call Votes of Deputies"
  • V. Petruhchenko (HSE), F. Aleskerov (HSE) DEA by sequential exclusion of alternatives
  • D. Shvarts (HSE), M. Ushakov (HSE) On evaluation of the power indices with allowance of agents' preferences in the anonimous games
8. 5-th scientific workshop of the centre for macroeconomic analysis and short term forecasting, CMAKP, Moscow, 28 april.
  • Penikas H.I. (HSE) Technical Efficiency Estimation of Russian Banking Sector for Russian and International Accounting Standards // 5-th scientific workshop of the centre for macroeconomic analysis and short term forecasting
9. Student seminar "Shadow government" of professor E.G. Yasin, HSE, Moscow, 30 april.
  • A. Ivanov (HSE) Coalitional manipulability of voting rules


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