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All-Moscow seminar "Mathematical methods of decision analysis in economics, finance and politics"

-  Fuad Aleskerov,
-  Vladislav Podinovskiy,
-  Boris Mirkin



Date Topic Speaker
17.04.2024 Network analysis of intersectoral interactions of the world's major economies Desyatnikov Ivan Vasilyevich (HSE), Sergeeva Elena Alekseevna (HSE)
27.03.2024 Multi-Dimensional Social Choice under Frugal Information: The Tukey Median as Condorcet Winner Ex Ante Clemens Puppe (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
20.03.2024 Modeling the price balance of industries taking into account the role of the intermediate producer Moiseev Nikita Aleksandrovich (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics)
21.02.2024 Algorithm for determining functional states in time series applied to EEG data Mikhailets Ekaterina Viktorovna (HSE)
17.01.2024 Forecasting and mitigating the consequences of natural emergencies as urgent tasks in conditions of deep uncertainty Khachikyan Pavel (HSE)
20.12.2023 On the optimal blurring of point expert estimates and their aggregation within the framework of the theory of evidence Lepsky Alexander (HSE)
15.11.2023 Network analysis of the rare earth compounds and oil market under conditions of deep uncertainty Tkachev D.S. (HSE)
18.10.2023 Network fragmentation and beliefs about COVID-19 in Russian towns Boris Vladimirovich Pavlenko (HSE)
20.09.2023 Methods of shell data analysis for interval estimates and their application Demin Sergey Stanislavovich (ALOR, ICAVR HSE)
21.06.2023 Analytical method for studying the problem of optimal control of semi-Markov random processes and its application in optimization problems of complex systems Shnurkov Pyotr Viktorovich (HSE)
31.05.2023 Supervised and unsupervised learning from symbolic data Francisco de A. T. de Carvalho, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Centro de Informatica, Brasil
19.04.2023 Strategic cooling in the Ising game E.E. Vasilyeva, A.V. Leonidov (FIAN)
29.03.2023 Artificial Intelligence, Smart Energy Systems, and Sustainability Panos M. Pardalos (University of Florida, USA
15.03.2023  Development of methods for analysis and synthesis of mechanisms of complex estimation based on discrete data sets Sergeev V. A. (IPU RAS)
15.02.2023 1) Catch a bot or a large-scale natural language framework
2) Delta closure structure for studying stable biclusters and data distribution
1) Gromov V.A. (HSE)
2) Kuznetsov S.O. (HSE)
18.01.2023 Network analysis in conditions of deep uncertainty: the problem of food security Tkachev D.S. (HSE)
15.06.2022 "Nonlocal spatial evolutionary game" Schur L. (HSE University)
20.04.2022 "Remarks on new otimization techniques for reinforcement learning" Vadim Azhmyakov (HSE MIEM)
16.03.2022 "Public Good Power in Renaissance Florence’s Marriage & Business Networks" Manfred J. Holler (University of Hamburg & Center of Conflict Resolution - Munich), Florian Rupp (Kutaisi International University & Center of Conflict Resolution Munich)
16.02.2022 "About network models of mass consciousness according to sociological surveys" Satarov G. (INDEM Foundation), Blagoveshchensky Y. (INDEM Foundation)
19.01.2022 "COVID-19 mortality and its measurement" Blagoveshchensky Y.
15.12.2021 "Fuzzy Stochastic Programming Problems" Sanjay Dutta (HSE University)
17.11.2021 "Studying the influence of input oscillations on the behavior of working memory models" Nikita A. Novikov (HSE Center for Neuroeconomics and Cognitive Research)
15.09.2021 "A New Approach to Contests with Complete and Incomplete Information" Constantine Sorokin (University of Glasgow, UK), Alexander Matros (Universities of North Carolina, USA, and Lancester, UK)
23.06.2021 "Revenue-Maximizing Matching Algorithms" Kemal Kıvanç Aköz, Emre Doğan (HSE University)
19.05.2021 "Mathematical modeling in strategic planning for the development of the defense industry" (in Russian) F.I. Ereshko (Computing Center of FRC IU RAS), A.Yu. Mushkov (FSUE "VNII" Center ")
17.03.2021 "Influence of subjective beliefs about success on decision-making in the face of risk" (in Russian) Sofia Dolgikh (HSE University)
17.02.2021 "Approximation and visualization of the Pareto frontier with the support of decision-making about the rules for managing the level of Lake Baikal and the cascade of Angara reservoirs" (in Russian)
Ryabikov A.I. (Computing Center named after A.A. Dorodnitsyn, Federal Research Center "Informatics and Control" RAS)
20.01.2021 "Fair and consistent prize allocation in competitions" Bas Dietzenbacher (Maastricht University)
18.11.2020 "A complex of nonlinear models for the analysis of processes that develop under constraints" (in Russian) Polunin Yu.A. (IPU RAS), Yudanov A. Yu. (Financial University)
28.10.2020 "Identification of complex assessment mechanisms based on a unitary code" Burkov V.N., Korgin N.A., Sergeev V.A., Fedyanin D.N. (ICS RAS)
14.10.2020 "Everything I know about stable sets: definitions, characterizations, correlations, generalizations, interpretations" A. N. Subochev (HSE, ICS RAS)
16.09.2020 "Analysis of the pandemic and the assessment of the effectiveness of quarantine measures in the largest countries in the world" (in Russian) F.T. Aleskerov, S.S. Demin, A.L. Myachin, V.I. Yakuba (HSE, ICS RAS)
17.06.2020 "An Optimal Distributionally Robust Auction" Alex Suzdaltsev (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
20.05.2020 "Big Data Analysis: Theory and Applications" Yong Shi (College of Information Science & Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
15.04.2020 "Intelligent methods of risk analysis" (in Russian) G. V. Roizenzon (ISA RAS)
18.03.2020 "International Migration: Problems of Public Administration" (in Russian) A. Rezyapova (HSE University, ICS RAS)
04.03.2020 "Shapley Value for TU-Games with Multiple Membership and Externalities" (in Russian) D. Sokolov (Boston College)
19.02.2020 "The choice of methodology for the development of the national digital platform of agriculture in Russia" (in Russian) A. Raikov (ICS RAS)
15.01.2020 "Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA): classic and modified models for evaluating the effectiveness of universities, emergency safety systems, etc." (in Russian) S. Demin (HSE University)
18.12.2019 "On the project of rationalization of decision-making culture" (in Russian) O. Savelzon (Jerusalem College of Technology)
20.11.2019 "Optimal Mechanism with Asymmetrically Budget Constrained Buyers"  (in Russian) A. Bulatov (HSE University)
 18.09.2019 "Do models of limited rationality explain price variance in online trading?" (in Russian) N. Bazenkov (ICS RAS)
17.07.2019 "Critical and Maximum Independent Sets Revisited" V. Levit (Ariel University, Israel)
19.06.2019 "Network analysis of scientific interaction on the problems of the Arctic" (in Russian) G. Almukhametova (HSE University)
 15.05.2019 "Generalization in taxonomies: model, method, applications"  (in Russian)  B. Mirkin (HSE University)
17.04.2019  "P2P lending as a driver for the development of a new banking business"  (in Russian)  V. Davydov (MIEM HSE)
20.03.2019 "Big Data in Precision Farming"  Dr. Ir. Corné G. Kocks (Aeres University of Applied Sciences)
20.02.2019 "Discrete Asynchronous Models" (in Russian) O. Kuznetsov (ICS RAS)
16.01.2019 "Theory and Practice of Сompetitiveness Management based on 3-circuit MCC model"  (in Russian) A. Podchufarov (HSE)
19.12.2018 "Optimal information disclosure in auctions"  (in Russian) C. Sorokin (HSE)
21.11.2018 "Direct Deliberative Democracy: participatory government model based on a massive direct discussion"  (in Russian) K. Velikanov (Memorial Scientific Research and Education Centre)
17.10.2018 "Superposition Models in Data Analysis" (in Russian) S. Shvydun (DeCAn lab)
19.09.2018 "On the Number of Separable Preference Profiles(in Russian) A. Karpov (DeCAn lab)
20.06.2018 "Modelling Fraud Operations within Agent-Based Model of Russian Banking System" (in Russian) Henry Penikas (DeCAn lab)
16.05.2018 "Annotation of a Document Collection by Finding Thematic Fuzzy Clusters and Parsimoniously Lifting Them in a Domain Taxonomy" (in Russian) D. Frolov (FCS HSE Moscow)
21.03.2018 "A Review of Capital Flight Problem" (in Russian) N. Leonova (Central Bank of the Russian Federation)
21.02.2018 "Conflict of evidence evaluation within the framework of the theory of the belief functions(in Russian) A. Lepskiy (DeCAn lab)
17.01.2018 "Blockchain techonology and control models in digital society" (in Russian) Gorelov M.A. and Ereshko F.I. (Federal Research Center "Computer Science and Control" of Russian Academy of Sciences)
22.11.2017 "Some remarkable polyhedra in cooperative game theory" and “Modeling anonymous influence with anti-conformist agents” М. Grabisch и А. Rusinowska-Grabisch (University Paris I, Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne)
18.10.2017 Nontransitivity of excellence in various fields: biology, economics, game theory, psychology (in Russian) A. Podyakov (HSE)
20.09.2017 Regulation of the modern banking system: the concept of conflict modeling (in Russian) Henry Penikas (DeCAn lab)
28.06.2017 Strategic "Mistakes": Implications for Market Design Research (in Russian) Georgy Artemov (University of Melbourne)
24.05.2017 Framing in Expected Utility and Multiple Priors Models (in Russian) Igor Kopylov (University of California, Irwine)
19.04.2017 The third vote experiment: VAA-based election to enhance policy representation of the KIT student parliament (in Russian) Andranik Tangian (WSI in the Hans-Böckler-Foundation, Düsseldorf, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
19.04.2017 Modeling relationship between cognitive abilities and economic achievements (in Russian) S.G. Kulivets (ICS RAS) and D.V. Ushakov (IP RAS)
22.03.2017 Utility, Risk and Information Roman V. Belavkin (Middlesex University, London, UK)
18.01.2017 Dynamic model of company in the insurance market considered as a complex reflexive system (in Russian) Vsevolod Malinovskiy (CEMI RAS)
07.12.2016 Optimization problems in scheduling in ambulance trauma centers (in Russian) Boris Goldengorin (Ohio University) 
23.11.2016 Borda vs. Condorcet vs. Plurality: The Power, Success and Size of Voter Groups Stefan Napel (University of Bayreuth, Germany)
16.11.2016 On the method of clones in mathematical social choice theory (in Russian) Nikolay Poliakov (Financial University) 
26.10.2016  Preference manipulations lead to the uniform rule William Thomson (University of Rochester) 
19.09.2016 Theoretical basis of collective intelligence systems based on information technology of evolutionary coordination of decisions (in Russian) Vladislav Protasov (Institute of Computing for Phisics and Technology)
14.09.2016 Assignment mechanisms: common preferences and information acquisition Georgy Artemov (University of Melbourne)
15.06.2016 Data analysis as a methodology for knowledge discovery (in Russian) Boris Mirkin (HSE)
08.06.2016 Computational Social Choice using relation algebra and the software tool RelVieW Harrie de Swart   (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
18.05.2016 The Swing Voter’s Curse in Social Networks Berno Buechel (University of St. Gallen, Institute of Economics (FGN))
2.03.2016 Generalization of binomial coefficients to numbers on the nodes of graphs Anna Khmelnitskaya (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
17.02.2016 Serious games with kids:cows on magic field (in Russian) Nikolay Korgin (ICS RAS, MIPT)
20.01.2016 Optimization of the transport network of the energy markets (in Russian)  Alexander Vasin (MSU)
23.12.2015 Constrained Subspace Classifier for High Dimensional Datasets Panos Pardalos (HSE, University of Florida)
9.12.2015 Social Choice Theory with a Poverty Line Eric Maskin (Chief Research Fellow of International Laboratory of Decision Choice and Analysis, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics 2007)
8.12.2015 Fair Division and Counterfactual-proofness Herve Moulen (University of Glasgow)
18.11.2015 Evaluation of the quality of scientific publications and computational models of text analysis (in Russian) Mikhail Kreines ("Basic Technologies")
21.10.2015 The advent of metrics: the contribution of the scientific assessment (in Russian) Boris Mirkin (HSE)
14.10.2015 Kosher Pork Allan Drazen (Department of Economics, University of Maryland, USA)
16.09.2015 A theory of knockout tournament seedings (in Russian) Alexander Karpov (Heidelberg University; HSE)
20.05.2015 Is the left-right alignment of parties outdated? The German case  Andranik Tangian (WSI in the Hans-Böckler-Foundation, Düsseldorf, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
 18.03.2015 Minorities and Efficient Referanda Mechanisms Bora Erdamar (HSE)
18.02.2015  Rotation of ruling elites and protection of property rights: theory and empirical analysis (in Russian)
Leonid  Polischuk(HSE)
17.12.2014 Behavioral models of stock exchange (in Russian) Lyudmila Egorova (HSE)
19.11.2014 Efficiency, Policy Selection and Growth in Democracy and Autocracy: A Formal Dynamical Model (in Russian)  Andrei Akhremenko (HSE) and Alexander Petrov (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences)
16.10.2014 No-Betting Pareto Dominance Itzhak Gilboa (HEC Paris/Tel Aviv University)
17.09.2014 Absence-proofness: A new cooperative stability concept Emre Dogan (HSE)
21.05.2014 Voting as Selection of the Most Representative Voter Ulle Endriss (University of Amsterdam)
14.05.2014 Decision-Making under Subjective Risk:  Toward a General Theory of Pessimism Efe Ok (New York University)
23.04.2014 Democracy and Citizenship Dennis Mueller (University of Vienna, Austria)
16.04.2014 Limited Willpower Yusufcan Masatlioglu (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
19.03.2014 Dynamic management of an option portfolio in the risk-neutral world (in Russian) Dmitriy Golembiovskiy (Bank Zenit)
19.02.2014 Potential optimality and potential nondominance in selection problems in case of partial preference relations (in Russian) Vladislav Podinovskiy (HSE)
18.12.2013 Graphical method for solving combinatorial optimization problems (in Russian) Eugene R. Gafarov (Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences)
20.11.2013 Non-manipulable planning mechanisms in organizational systems (in Russian) Nikolay Korgin (ICS RAS)
16.10.2013 Nonparametric Regression Splines for Regional Atmospheric Correction Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber (Middle East Technical University)
18.09.2013 Power indices depending on the preferences of the participants: the axioms and methods of calculation (in Russian) Dmitry Shvarts (HSE)
19.06.2013 The continuum criterion for VaR for options markets (in Russian) Gennadii Agasandyan (Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS)
29.05.2013 Macroeconomic analysis of Flexicurity with Regard to the Crisis Andranik Tangian (Hans-Böckler-Stiftung and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
15.05.2013 Indicators of science, education and innovation activities: methods and tools for forming and processing data patterns (in Russian) Fuad Aleskerov (HSE) and Alexey Myachin (HSE)
25.04.2013 Aggregating and Updating Information
Hannu Salonen (Department of Economics and PCRC, University of Turku)
17.04.2013 The function of rival similarity and compactness (in Russian) N. Zagoruyko (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
20.03.2013 Warm-Glow Giving and Freedom to be Selfish Ozgur Evren (NES) and Stefania Minardi (HEC Paris)
16.01.2013 Marketing technology: to measure, to manage, to analyze (in Russian) А. Chekushin, М. Slivinsky (Wikimart)
2012 год
19.12.2012 Auction Theory in Practice: The U.K. Carbon Dioxide Auction Eric Maskin (Harvard University, HSE)
21.11.2012 Analysis of pyramid schemes and capital movements based on Cantor-Lipman model (in Russian) Alexander Shananin (MIPT), Michail Vashchenko (MIPT)
17.10.2012 Measures of uncertainty in the theory of imprecise probabilities (in Russian) Andrei Bronevich (HSE)
19.09.2012 Probabilistic preferences in cumulative theory of prospects (in Russian) Ilya Zutler (HSE)
20.06.2012  A probabilistic picture of the world: how intuitive perception of price process, players in the foreign exchange market  born and evolve (in Russian) Vladimir Evstigneev (HSE)
16.05.2012 Some issues on K-means method in cluster analysis (in Russian) Boris Mirkin (HSE)
24.04.2012 Modeling in marketing: unsolved problems (in Russian) Igor Mandel (TELMAR informational system)
18.04.2012 Emotions, Mental Equilibrium and Mind Reading Eyal Winter (The Center for the Study of Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
21.03.2012 Violations and monitor elections in the State Duma elections in 2011 and presidential elections in Russia 2012 (in Russian) Alexey Zakhaov (HSE)
15.02.2012 Model of corruption suppression (in Russian) Alexander Vasin (MSU)
18.01.2012 Methods of finding the extreme values of the Choquet integral and their application in multicriterial problems of resource allocation (in Russian) Michail Timonin (NRNU MEPhI)
2011 год
22.12.2011  Система моделей рейтингов банков и IRB-подход  А.М. Карминский (НИУ ВШЭ)
22.11.2011  Comparison of tax progresses: theoretical impossibility versus impressive empirical results  Christian Seidl (University of Kiel, Germany)
19.10.2011 Индивидуальные стимулы и коллективные блага: экспериментальные исследования в НИУ ВШЭ Белянин А.В (НИУ ВШЭ)
5.10.2011 From Local to Global in Numerical Optimization П. Пардалос (НИУ ВШЭ, Университет Флориды)
21.09.2011 Recent Developments in Mechanism Design Э. Маскин (главный научный сотрудник МЛАВР, лауреат Нобелевской премии по экономике)
23.06.2011 The Strategic Use of Seller Information in Private-Value Auctions Shmuel Zamir (CNRS-EUREQua at Universite Paris1, France; LEI/CREST, France; Hebrew University, Israel)
8.06.2011 Vulnerability to External Shocks - The Case of Turkey Hasan Ersel (Sabanci University, Turkey)
1.06.2011 Repeated games and Evolution Э. Маскин (главный научный сотрудник МЛАВР, лауреат Нобелевской премии по экономике)
24.05.2011 UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS. Challenges in the Light of Matching Theory and Current Practices Ahmet Alkan (Sabanci University, Turkey)
18.05.2011 Финансовый пузырь как большое уклонение цен активов Смирнов А.Д. (заслуженный деятель науки РФ, д.э.н., профессор)
20.04.2011 EXTREMAL VALUES OF TOLERANCES IN COMBINATORIAL OPTIMIZATION Борис Гольденгорин (Нижегородский Филиал ВШЭ, Россия, Университет Гронингена, Нидерланды)
16.03.2011 Количественные оценки информационной чувствительности алгоритмов М.В.Ульянов (НИУ ВШЭ, МГУПечати)
16.02.2011 Новый подход к моделированию транспортных перевозок и функционированию транспортных сетей Степанцов Михаил Евгеньевич (к.ф.-м..н., доцент кафедры высшей математики на факультете экономики НИУ-ВШЭ; Российский Государственный Социальный Университет)
19.01.2011 Создание высокотехнологичного производства инновационных программно-аппаратных комплексов для эффективного управления предприятиями и отраслями экономики современной России Ф.Т. Алескеров (НИУ-ВШЭ), И.В. Ефименко (НИУ-ВШЭ), О.В. Ена (ЗАО "Авикомп Сервисез", Москва), В.Ф. Хорошевский (Head of Expert Systems Department in AI Problems Division of CCAS of Russia)
2010 год
15.12.2010 Обобщенный непараметрический метод. Приложение к анализу фондовых рынков Шананин Александр Алексеевич (декан факультета управления и прикладной математики МФТИ)
17.11.2010 Двусторонние ресурсные сети - новая потоковая модель Кузнецов Олег Петрович (д.ф.-м.н., профессор кафедры высшей математики на факультете экономики ГУ-ВШЭ, зав. лабораторией Интеллектуализации дискретных процессов и систем управления ИПУ РАН)
1.11.2010 Tournament solutions Olivier Hudry (ENST Paris France)
27.10.2010 The case of two candidate elections I: The axiomatic approach Vincent Merlin (University of Caen and CNRS)
27.10.2010 On the origin of social choice theory Maurice Salles (University of Caen)
20.10.2010 Детерминированные и рандомизированные алгоритмы на примере полиномиальной аппроксимации булевых функций Кабатянский Г.А. (ИППИ РАН, кафедра АДиИИ ГУ-ВШЭ)
19.05.2010 Метод стратификации по количественным критериям  Миркин Б.Г. (ГУ-ВШЭ, Бирбек колледж Лондонского университета)
21.04.2010 Математическая модель метода эволюционного согласования решений в задачах тестирования и подбора групп экспертов Протасов Владислав Иванович (Доцент кафедры автоматики и управления в технических системах Московского Государственного Горного Университета)
17.03.2010 Игровая модель биржевых торгов: стратегические аспекты формирования цен на фондовых рынках Крепс В.Л.(Санкт-Петербургский экономико-математический институт РАН)
17.02.2010 Анализ распределения влияния в МВФ:обзор проблемы Погорельский К.Б. (ГУ-ВШЭ)
13.01.2010 Системные аспекты возникновения и развития техногенных аварий И.Б.Ядыкин (Институт проблем управления РАН) 
2009 год
28.12.2009 On political terror and terrorism Tad Krauze (Department of Sociology Hofstra University, Hempstead NY, USA)
25.11.2009 Оценка немецких партий и коалиций методами математической теории демократии  Андраник Тангян (Фонд Ханса Беклера, Дюссельдорф, и университет Карлсруэ)
18.11.2009 Necessary and sufficient conditions in a simple game Arkadii Slinko (University of Aukland, New Zealand)
21.10.2009 Конструирование механизмов борьбы за ренту: оптимальный выбор "функций успеха" Л.Полищук (ГУ ВШЭ), А.Тонис (РЭШ)
17.09.2009 Reforming the IMF and World Bank governance: in search of simplicity, transparency and democratic legitimacy in the voting rules Dennis Leech (University of Warwick Coventry)
20.05.2009 Просоциальная мотивация или социально сдерживаемый эгоизм: анализ данных экспериментальных исследований поведения в ультимативной сделке Тугарёва Елена Валериевна (Институт психологии РАН)
15.04.2009 Эффективное ценообразование на водные ресурсы при неоднородности потребителей А.А. Фридман (ГУ-ВШЭ)
18.03.2009 Справедливый делёж при делимых и неделимых пунктах А.А. Рубчинский (ГУ "Дубна" и ГУ-ВШЭ)
26.02.2009 An Algebraic Approach to Reflexive Games Stefan Schmidt (Professor for Methods of Applied Algebra, University of Technology, Dresden)
18.01.2009 Об аксиоматическом определении общих индексов влияния в задаче голосования с квотой Калягин В.А., Бацын М.В. (НФ ГУ-ВШЭ)
21.01.2009 Анализ моделей ценообразования методами экспериментальной экономики В.В. Платонов (ВЦ Российской Академии Наук)
3.11.2008 Recent applications of effectivity functions in social choice Bezalel Peleg (Center for the Study of Rationality, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Feldman Building, Givat-Ram 91904 Jerusalem, ISRAEL)
16.04.2008 Концепции стабильных множеств - решений игр, связанных с голосованием Андрей Субочев (преподаватель кафедры высшей математики)
20.02.2008 Математические модели интернет-технологий: от интернет-рекламы до социальных сетей Леонид Жуков
16.01.2008 Катастрофа сборки в модели взаимодействия государства с населением, характеризуемым различной степенью манипулируемости Ильдар Зулькарнай (к.э.н., зав. сектором Института социально-экономических исследований Уфимского научного центра РАН)
19.12.2007 Некомпенсационное агрегирование с произвольным набором оценок Чистяков В.В. (НФ ГУ-ВШЭ, Нижний Новгород)
29.10.2007 A flat tax with a social component Кристиан Зейдл, профессор Кильского университета (Германия)
28.06.2007 Choosers as Extension Axioms Bora Erdamar и M. Remzi Sanver (Istanbul Bilgi University)
18.04.2007 Индекс силы участников в системах голосования с весами В.С. Левченков (МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова)
21.03.2007 Модели управления привлечением банковских вкладов через систему страхования М.Б. Искаков (ИПУ РАН и ГУ ВШЭ)
21.02.2007 Эффективность демократии А.Г. Слуцкий (Санкт-Петербургский филиал ГУ-ВШЭ)
17.01.2007 Пороговая модель агрегирования Ф.Т. Алескеров (ГУ-ВШЭ)
20.12.2006 Проблема сужения множества Парето и подходы к ее решению В.Д. Ногин, Санкт Петербургский Государственный Университет
15.11.2006 Современные подходы к экономическому моделированию чувства справедливости Ю.В. Автономов, ГУ-ВШЭ
25.11.2006  Олигополистическое равновесие Клод д'Апремонт, Университет Нурвен, Бельгия
18.10.2006  Формализм гражданского кодекса Ю.Б. Фогельсон, ГУ-ВШЭ


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