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For 2020’s First-Year Students

Dear first-year students:

Below you will find a list of important steps, which you will need to complete by the end of August and in September to settle various organizational issues, so that your studies run smoothly and you can focus on learning.

1.  Move into a Dormitory 

 When: by August 31
 Places in HSE University dormitories are distributed to international students through their Personal Accounts.
 Access to the ‘Dormitory’ section in your Personal Account will be made available after filling in the ‘Consent for Studies’ section and completing recognition procedure (but no earlier than August 17, 2020).
 Upon your arrival for studies, a place in one of the HSE University dormitories will be reserved for you.
 You must download an accommodation referral for dormitory residence from your Personal Account, print it out and bring it to the dormitory.
 When moving into a dormitory, make sure you have the following documents:
  • passport (document confirming your identity);
  • copy of your passport (first page)—if your passport contains information on the place of residence, make a copy of that page two (both pages should be copied onto ONE page);
  • medical certificate confirming health fitness to reside in a dormitory - form 086/y (about Medical Aid & Insurance: https://www.hse.ru/en/medical/ins);
  • vaccination certificate;
  • medical insurance policy.
Should you have any questions, please send a message to: zaselenie@hse.ru.

 2. Learn about visa and registration

HSE Visa and Registration Center Contacts

Adress:Moscow, 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard, Building D, D005/D006
Tel.:8 (495) 531-00-63  |  Email: visa-registration@hse.ru

 3. Receive a Student ID Card

Student ID cards will be issued beginning of September. A photograph 3x4 must be provided by the end of August - beginning of September.

4. Receive a Library Card

Read the Library Use Policy here: https://library.hse.ru/documents.
Fill in the online registration form on the Library website at https://library.hse.ru.  
To get registered, you need a student ID card number and an HSE University corporate e-mail address.
Upon getting a library membership, every user isassigned a bar code for their personal identification, which can be used as a library card.

5. Receive a Moscow Social Card (for public transport discounts)

A social card can be obtained from a local office of the Moscow Multifunctional Centre (‘My Documents’).
Step 1: Check to see if your data has been included on the Moscow Social Register’s website: check the register of students/residents/doctoral students
Step 2: Complete registration on the www.mos.ru portal and submit an application for the issue of a Moscow social card through your personal account. Applications are usually processed within 30 calendar days. You can check the status of your application through your personal account or by visiting here.
International students may submit an application for the issue of a Moscow social card in person at one of the My Documents centers (regardless of their place of residence or place of study).
Step 3: Pick up your Moscow social card from the My Documents centre that you selected when making an application for it. 
Important: if your personal data is not found in the Register, contact your Programme Office as soon as possible.

6. Apply for a Certificate of Attendance (if necessary)

A certificate, confirming that you have been admitted to HSE University under the degree programme DSBA, shall be issued within five working days once the order form has been filled in.