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Term Paper (Coursework)

Important Steps to Complete a Term Paper (coursework)

Step 1. Term paper topic

Within the period from 15th of October until 20th of November students are expected to choose the topic for their term paper from the available list approved by the academic supervisor.

Step 2.  Assigning the topic in LMS.

In LMS students can apply for a topic offered in the list or forward their own topic to be approved. Before forwarding the topic it must be confirmed by the Supervisor of the term paper and has titles in both Russian and English (in English title every word, except for prepositions and conjuctions, must start with capitals). If the topic is not confirmed by the Supervisor, it cannot be approved and accepted.
If necessary students can change the topics discussing it with the Supervisor via emails, online conferences or offline meetings.


Step 3. Status of the term paper topic.

No earlier than 3 days after applying for the topic in LMS, students should check the status of the term paper topic: approved/ declined.

Step 4. Term paper preparation.

Term paper praparation is carried out according to the regulations and rules approved by the programme and GSB.

Regulations Theses MDI (DOCX, 50 Кб) 

Правила КР-ВКР (DOCX, 110 Кб) 

Step 5. Antiplagiat (Антиплагиат) system.

Term paper must be uploaded to LMS, to go through the Antiplagiat (Антиплагиат) system no later than the 15th of May, 18:00 of 2020/2021 academic year. The paper can be uploaded for once only. 

More information:

Regulations on Checking Student Papers f..s on the HSE Corporate Website (DOCX, 49 Кб) 

Term paper topics may be changed or refined no later than 18:00, April 25, 2021 submitting the Supervisor confirmation in written to the Studying Office. 
Term paper topics may be changed or refined no later than one calendar month before the official deadline for final submission of the term paper.

Useful documents:

Term paper topic_form application (DOC, 34 Кб) 

Coursework_topic change (DOCX, 15 Кб) 

Supervisor change (DOCX, 15 Кб) 

Evaluation Sheet for the Supervisor (DOCX, 25 Kb) 

Term Paper Review_for the supervisor (DOCX, 27 Kb) 

Term paper topics (final) (1) (XLSX, 17 Кб)