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Subjects with international exams (UoL, IELTS)
Subjects with internal exams

1 year

3 year

Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Probability Theory and Statistics
English Language

World Intellectual History **
History of Western Philosophy **
Information Computer Systems **
Programming and Databases **
Programming and Data Processing **
Physical Training

Еlective courses **

Microeconomics 2
Macroeconomics 2
Financial Intermediation
Management Accounting
Abstract Mathematics
Further Linear Algebra
Further Calculus
Asset Pricing and Financial Markets
Financial Reporting
Organization Theory

Optimization Theory **
History of Economic Thought **
Economic History **

Sociology of Consumer Finance **
Topics in Applied Economics **
Development Economics **
Game Theory **
Contract Theory **
Theory of Finance **
Data Science for Economics **

Еlective courses **

2 year

4 year

Microeconomics 1

Macroeconomics 1
Mathematics for Economists
Principles of Accounting
Mathematical Methods for Economists
Principles of Banking and Finance
Business and Management in Global Context

Contemporary Sociology in Global Age **
Principles of Law **
Political Science **
Philosophy and Methodology of Science **
English Language

Еlective courses **

Corporate Finance
Organization Theory
Monetary Economics
International Economics
Industrial Economics
Investment Portfolio Management

Quantitative Finance
Mathematics of Finance and Valuation
Optimization Theory
Auditing and Assurance
Financial Reporting
Machine Learning
Core Management Concepts

Time Series and Panel Data Analysis **
Experimental and Behavioural Economics **
Theory of Finance **
Data Science for Economics **

Research seminar

Еlective courses **