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VII International School for Young Scientists

Active and Passive Methods of Brain Research


Some lectures will be available online, please register by filling the form (free of charge)!

The school focuses on the following topics:

• How does the human brain recognize specific environmental stimuli?

• What areas of the brain are involved in the work of this process?

• Particular emphasis is placed on methods related to brain stimulation.

About school: 

Many important discoveries have been made in the field of functional and morpho-physiological brain mapping. These discoveries significantly expand our understanding of how the brain works. Modern technologies, such as TMS, TES, and EEG, efficiently evaluate the role of the various structures of the brain in specific cognitive domains and promote understanding of the complex work of the whole brain.

School participants have a unique opportunity to get hands-on experience with these techniques (TMS, TES, EEG) and learn about their advantages and disadvantages. The program also covers topics on data analysis and interpretation.

All lectures and workshops will be held at HSE (TMS Laboratory, EEG Laboratory and Behavior Laboratory)

Organizers and invited experts are from:

• Higher School of Economics (Russia)

• FSBI «Federal center of brain research and neurotechnologies» FMBA (Russia)

• Aalto University (Finland)

• Helsinki University Hospital (Finland)

• Kingston University London (UK)

• EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland)

• Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Germany)

School topics:

• Day 1: Basics of non-invasive brain stimulation

• Day 2: Combination of different neurostimulation techniques

• Day 3: Estimation of neurostimulation / neuroimaging data

Format: 3 days 7 hours per day. School program includes lectures, hands-on sessions and round tables that will take place offline. Lectures will also be broadcasted online free of charge.

Language: All lectures and practical classes are conducted only in English

Registration fee: 5000 roubles. Registration fee for students and PhD students is 3000 roubles. Payment will be made after you are approved as a member (information will be provided by email).

NOTE: student participation from HSE, St. Petersburg State University and the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of RAS are exempt from participation fees (will be covered by ibrain project).