The 10th bi-annual EACES conference 

Suggested Themes

Patterns of Transition (East and West: similarities and differences in transition paths; The Russian transition economy: normal, abnormal or...? China and the speed of transition; Transition and EU integration; BRIC countries: a comparative perspective)


New Approaches to Comparative Economics (Comparative Economics and the ‘Mainstream'; New Comparative Economics: research issues and methods; New Economic History; The varieties of capitalism paradigm; Research methods in Comparative Economics)

Globalization in Comparative Perspective (Political economics of protectionism; Economics and politics of the resource curse; The impact of globalisation on transition economies; FDI in transition economies; Financial crises and transition economies)


Comparative Economic Development (Theories and empirical evidences; Formal and informal sectors; Two emerging economies: China and India; Regional disparities; Sustainable development)


Institutions and Comparative Economic Systems (Comparing governance across the borders; Comparative institutions in the EU and the contribution of transition to the advances of economics; Democracy vs. order: which is more conductive to growth? Federalism in comparative perspective; Government at the end of transition; Corruption and development)


Comparative Studies of the Firm (Corporate governance: international perspectives; Boundaries of the firm and forms of enterprises; SMEs and entrepreneurship; Firm behavior and the modernization of the economy; Corporate finance, banking and financial markets)


Education and Labour Market (Human capital and labour market; Comparative labour market performance; Higher education and labour market; School to work transition; Efficiency and equity in education and labour market)


Public Policy and the Policy Process (Comparative law and economics; Comparative issues in competition and deregulation; Bureaucracy and governance; Public-private partnerships; Pension system and healthcare design)


Innovation Systems and Path Dependency (National and regional innovation systems; Path dependency; Late-comer advantages; Evolution of innovation; Knowledge transfer from higher education institutions to industry)