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Tag "research projects"

Illustration for news: How Does Living in a Big City Increase Life Expectancy?

How Does Living in a Big City Increase Life Expectancy?

Inhabitants of Moscow and St Petersburg live significantly longer than people living in other regions of Russia, according to a recent study carried out by researchers at the Higher School of Economics

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 755-756

In the issue:
Life expectancy and health risks in OECD countries. Is it necessary to equate cohabitation with an official marriage? The law of conservation of alcohol.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 753-754

Current topic: Russia’s Demographic Challenges. Part three. Migration.
In the issue: Reasons for not implementing the provisions of the Concept of the State Migration Policy of the Russian Federation. Migration of the elderly in Russia (according to 2010 census data). On the scale of spatial mobility in Russia.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 751-752

Current topic: Russia’s Russia’s demographic challenges. Part two. Fertility and mortality
In the issue: The dependence of life expectancy on educational attainment in Russia. Women in public service in Russia: career, family, reproductive intentions. Current fertility trends in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

Demographic Review #3

In the issue: The Russian revolution of 1917 through the prism of demographic modernization. Personal psychological resources and health inequalities: the strength of the buffer effect in European countries. Child malnutrition in Africa: statistical analysis and modeling of factors. Russians in the republics of the North Caucasus: frontiers of geo-demographic retreat (the first half of the 21st century). Estimating military losses: a search for truth, ignorance or bias? The values of the elderly and the political consequences of the global aging of the population. Perspectives on population-based prostate cancer screening.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 749-750

Current topic: Russia’s demographic challenges. Part one – Population and Space.
In the issue: The typology of regional dynamics of the population of Russia in the post-Soviet period. Socio-economic outlines of a society of longevity. The dynamics of population size of coastal cities of Russia in the post-Soviet period.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 747-748

Current topic: Migration in the UK on the eve of the migration crisis in Europe. Part 2 
In the issue: Forming a new immigration regime in Europe. Emigration from Russia to foreign countries in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Distinctive geographical features of modern external migration of the population in Spain.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 745-746

Current topic: Migration in the UK on the eve of the migration crisis in Europe. Part 1.
In the issue: An analysis of the mechanism of migration of Russian-speaking scientists in the field of computer science to Great Britain. Schooling children of other ethnicities in the UK (based on the example of London). Geographic features of migration links in Europe.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 741-742

Current topic: HIV: the alarming situation in Russia against the backdrop of global trends.
In the issue: Mortality from infectious socially significant diseases in Russia. The tuberculosis epidemic situation among people with HIV in the Russian Federation. Medico-social features of the “aging” of the HIV epidemic in St. Petersburg.

"Demoscope Weekly" ## 739-740

Current topic: What the experience of family policy teaches
In the issue: The comparative effectiveness of family benefits in Europe. A family-friendly workplace: political initiatives, the employer’s position and types of support for workers with family responsibilities. “We just live together”: Cohabitation in modern Russia.