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Degree Programmes Development Office


Anna Skvortsova

Deputy Head 

Tel.:(495) 772-95-90 *11334
e-mail: askvorczova@hse.ru
Office L-403, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, 

Pokrovka Complex, Moscow
  • Developing new undergraduate and Master's programmes;
  • Organizing inspection procedures for educational programmes;
  • Coordinating the activities of departments and administrative structures working with prospective university students.

Evgenia M. Nesterenko

Deputy Head 

Tel.:(495) 772-95-90 *12510
e-mail: sznak@hse.ru
Office L-403, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, 

Pokrovka Complex, Moscow


  • Providing support in the creation, checking, coordination and updating of basic and working curricula in ASAV;
  • Providing methodical and technical support for study officers with ASAV activities;
  • Updating approved curricula in ASAV;
  • Verifying curricula for licensing and accreditation of educational programmes;
  • Providing technical support for curricula developers;
  • Updating information in ASAV to edit European Diploma Supplements.

Svetlana Gadasheva

Teaching and Learning Support Specialist

Tel.:(495) 772-95-90*12135
e-mail: sgadasheva@hse.ru
Office L-415, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, 

Pokrovka Complex, Moscow
  • Organizational support with respect to curriculum development, verification, approval and adjustment in the ASAV system (comprehensive academic information system);
  • Providing technical support and consultations to curriculum developers;
  • Enforcement of resolutions made with regards to official memos submitted via the SDOU system in order to adjust the approved curricula in ASAV;
  • Amending ASAV data in the graduates’ diploma supplements before printing;
  • Taking part in meetings of the Office of Educational Programmes Development;
  • Completing tasks and assignments commissioned by the Head of the Degree Programmes Development Office and Senior Director for Full Degree Programmes.

Tachat Avanesyan


Tel.: (495) 772-95-90*125-90 

e-mail: tavanesyan@hse.ru

Office L-414, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, 

Pokrovka Complex, Moscow
  •  Data collection, compilation and analysis within the Department’s area of responsibility;
    • Generation of internal and public reports about Department’s activity.

Lidia Lukyanchuk

Curriculum Support Manager

Tel.: (495) 772-95-90* 23-324

e-mail: llukyanchuk@hse.ru

Office L-415, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, 

Pokrovka Complex, Moscow
  • Providing methodical and technical support to employees with ASAV activities;
  • Providing organizational maintenance with respect to the creation, checking, coordination and updating of basic and working curricula in ASAV;
  • Correction of approved basic and working curricula in ASAV;
  • Drawing up regulatory and methodical documents for educational processes.
Oksana Katorgina

Degree Programmes Licensing and Accreditation Specialist

Tel.: (495) 772-95-90* 110-13

e-mail: okatorgina@hse.ru
Office L-412, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, 

Pokrovka Complex, Moscow
  • Documentation support related to licensing of the HSE educational  activities;
  • Supporting the state accreditation process for HSE degree programmes;
  • Performance monitoring with respect to accreditation-related indicators;
  • Performance monitoring with respect to license-related Indicators;
  • Internal audits of HSE’s educational programmes.
Anna Illarionova


Tel.: (495) 772-95-90*278-61 
e-mail: aillarionova@hse.ru
Office L-415, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar,
Pokrovka Complex, Moscow

  • Сoordination and development of educational project activities within the module "Practice";
  • Drawing up regulatory and methodical documents for educational processes;
  • Administrating the “Fair Project Ideas” online resource;
  • Planning, development and support of electronic educational platforms and websites ("Digital University").



Список лиц, ответственных по каждой образовательной программе за подготовку к аккредитации, заполнение файлов на гугл-диске и проверку занесенных сведений от ФПППКС – Нижний Новгород:


Направление 38.03.01 «Экономика» (очно-заочная и заочная формы обучения)- академический руководитель Рябова Е.В.

Направление 38.03.02 «Менеджмент» - академический руководитель Данилова Л.С.

Направление 09.03.04 «Программная инженерия», направление 38.03.05 «Бизнес-информатика» - академический руководитель Асеева Н.В.

Направление 40.03.01 «Юриспруденция» - академический руководитель Лушина Л.А.


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