Students admitted to state-funded places, i.e. with a 100% scholarship from the Russian government ('quotas') will be accommodated in the HSE dormitories as before. The average dormitory fee is 2,000 Russian rubles per month.

Full scholarship recipients will be able to find information about their HSE University dormitory assignment in their online Bachelor's or Master's accounts no earlier than August 16, 2021.

Students who come to HSE University on academic mobility programmes will also be accommodated in one of HSE dormitories.


Safeguarding the health of students, teachers and staff is a critical priority for HSE University
December 14, 2021
And the safety measures in place on campus
July 06, 2021
The COVID Task Force has decided on the University's mode of operation for next week
June 13, 2021


50 Ulitsa Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya, Building 1
10 Energeticheskaya Ulitsa, Korpus 2
33/1 Studencheskaya Ulitsa
1 Komsomolskaya Ulitsa, Odintsovo
1-y Saratovskiy pr-d, 7, Korpus 3, Moscow
2 Makovskogo Ulitsa, Odintsovo
5 Tsimlyanskaya Ulitsa, Moscow
56/2 Lyublinskaya Ulitsa, building 2, Moscow
1,3,9 Denisa Davydova Ulitsa, VNIISSOK, Odintsovo

HSE dormitories in other cities

Please note that dormitory allocation rules differ depending on the campus