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Master 2014/2015

Academic Writing 1

Type: Optional course (Mathematics)
Area of studies: Mathematics
When: 1 year, 1, 2 module
Instructors: Tatyana Vassilievna Luchkina (author and conducts seminars), Tatiana Pitra (checks works and administers exams)
Master’s programme: Mathematics
Language: English
ECTS credits: 3

Academic Writing 1 in Mathematics – A Short Outline of the Course

1. Organizational and methodological issues

The aim of the course

The course “Academic writing” offered to the first-year M.Sc. students of the Mathematics Department is aimed, first of all, at mastering basic principles of academic writing, with some elements of mathematics (studying the notation and style of mathematical papers, taking lecture notes, etc.).


Objectives of the course

Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to produce good pieces of both general academic and, partly, mathematical type satisfying the standards of academic English.

They will know the main principles of organization of certain (academic) pieces of writing, the existing systems of style and reference, etc.

They will learn and be able to use in practiceprinciples of good spelling and punctuation, sentence structure (mathematical sentences, in particular), proof-reading techniques, taking notes at lectures, et al.


Methodological approaches used in the course

There are two main principles underlying the course:

First, the communicative approach to teaching English as a foreign language;

Second, the integrated-skills approach.

Classroom time will be mostly devoted to mastering the main principles of the mechanics of writing (spelling and pronunciation); listening to and taking notes of excerpts of lectures; analysing mathematical papers; proof-reading and discussing the students’ own pieces of writing, and the like.

Home assignments will involve reading scientific materials, watching video lectures and taking notes, performing various writing tasks.

It is worth noting that the course is intended mainly, but not only, for Russian speaking students of mathematics studying the English language.

3. Prerequisite

The students should have mastered the Intermediate level of English.


4. Author

Luchkina, Tatyana V.

Senior lecturer

Faculty of the English language at the Department of Economics

Department of the English language


5. Examination type

At the end of the course students are to write a test paper that consists of two parts:

Language use test, and Essay writing.