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Bachelor 2017/2018

Design and Technological Support for Production

Area of studies: Information Science and Computation Technology
When: 3 year, 3, 4 module
Mode of studies: offline
Language: Russian
ECTS credits: 5

As a result of studying the discipline, the student must:


 -  stages of the process of design and production of computer facilities (CBT),

 -  know the principles of synthesizing digital nanostructures and nanosystems for various purposes for new type of computer systems

 -  nomenclature, characteristics and functional purpose of integrated digital nanostructures and nanosystems for various purposes;

 -  to know and practically master the basic methods of designing digital nanostructures and nanosystems for various purposes for computer systems;

 -  modern design technologies, main tasks and principles of modular design,

 -  composition of design documentation,

 -  methods of transforming the device circuit and design modules, providing noise immunity, normal thermal conditions, reliability,

 -  tasks of automated design design, methods and means for their solution,

 -  technological foundations for the production of SVT,

 -  tasks of automated systems of technological preparation of production,

 -  methods of assembly and electrical installation,

 -  indicators of manufacturability of structural modules (CM);

 -  to have an idea of ​​the geometric layout, structure and components of CM of different levels of the hierarchy, methods of protection from external influences, trends in the development of design principles and technology for the production of SVT, the physical processes taking place in materials, components and CBT nodes, the capabilities of modern automation systems for design and technology designing;


be able to:

 -  be able to choose the circuitry base of digital nanostructures and nanosystems for various purposes in the design of various devices of computer systems of a new type;

 -  take a conceptual solution module,

 -  choose the shape and size of the design models,

 -  carry out the transition from the device scheme to its implementation,

 -  ensure, based on the analysis, synthesis and modification procedures, noise immunity, required reliability, normal thermal conditions and the ability of the structure to withstand external influences,

 -  calculate design and technological characteristics,

 -  to determine and formulate, in accordance with the purpose of the computer, tests,

 -  use automated systems of design and technological design,

 -  develop technical documentation