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Bachelor 2015/2016

Essentials of Management and Marketing

Type: Compulsory course (Design)
Area of studies: Design
When: 3 year, 1, 2 module
Instructors: Tatiana Rivchun, Карасева Анна Михайловна
Specialization: Коммуникационный дизайн (Графический дизайн)
Language: English
ECTS credits: 2

The course “Essentials of management and marketing”


The course “Essentials of management and marketing”
covers general aspects of economics, management and marketing. The main
objective is to give the students the skills of reading and analyzing the
scientific texts, news and articles, to train the students to talk and discuss
different issues within basic knowledge in economics, management and marketing.

Within the part “Economics” such terms and definitions
as ”economics and features of economic perspective” “The distinction between
microeconomics and macroeconomics”,“ the market system and circular flow”,
“demand, supply and market equilibrium”, “money and its role” and others will
be analyzed.

The part “Management” gives basic knowledge and skills
for being trained for specific purposes in the future, and as a result the
student will have to  know
“characteristics of management”, “the process of decision making”, “Project
management”, “motivation”, “maslow pyramid”, ‘Conflict management”.

The Marketing and PR issues deal with such phenomenon
as “basic terms and functions of marketing”, “marketing instruments and
strategies”, “internet marketing”, “ branding”, etc..

The target group for this course: students who study
design. The course must help the students in the future work and life. All the
knowledge and skills gained within this course allow the design professionals
to communicate to the world: find the niche, make marketing research,
understand what the economic policy is, how the firm works, how to maximize the
profit and cut the costs.

The course can be of interest for both groups of

Free - lance designers and designers
who work in the companies

The students who will make scientific
or applied research for design or other fields.

The course consists of 36 hours (combination of
lectures and practical classes). The 18 workshops cover 3 fields.

By the end of the course the students should be able
to discuss the mentioned subjects, use the vocabulary of all 3 parts and fluently
talk about professional issues within the fields, read specialized texts and

Students will have the possibility to listen, to read,
to talk, to analyze and at the end of the course to write the essay,
demonstrating the capability to summarize and give conclusions.

The topics for the 18 workshops



Overview of the “Economics”, production factors, the
role of money


Macroeconomics: markets, system of national accounts,
aggregated supply and demand, state intervention, state polices on different
markets, unemployment, inflation


Microeconomics: types of players and their pricing


Consumer behavior, consumer choice, budget
constraints, marginal utility, utility maximization


The instrument of decision making in economics, Game


Business planning, structure, tools, modelling,
forecasting, calculating alternative scenarios, SWOT analyses, ROI (return on
investment index), Net Present Value



Characteristics of modern management, introduction to
principles of management


Communication in organizations, organizational culture

Workshop 9

Developing mission, vision and values


Strategic human resource management


The essentials of control


Project management


Workshop 13

The marketing realities

Workshop 14

The marketing process: product considerations, pricing
policies and tactics, market research, distribution channels and methodolgy


Strategy and marketing planning: m strategy, m
planning, coordination and control


Influencing buyer behavior, personal persuasive


E marketing,  emm
(electronic media marketing)