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Master 2020/2021

Contemporary Architecture

Area of studies: History of Arts
Delivered by: School of History
When: 1 year, 3, 4 module
Mode of studies: offline
Master’s programme: History of Artistic Culture and the Art Market
Language: English
ECTS credits: 6

Course Syllabus


This course provides an introduction to the history of global architecture between 1900s and the present. The aim of the course is to illuminate the key trends and approaches that shaped contemporary architecture. Simultaneously the course will examine how architects and architectural historians and critics speaks about architecture. Besides the general outline the course will investigate the phenomenon of modernism in Soviet Union and Asia. This is a reading-intensive course, and students will be expected to do a significant amount of reading and revision of the critical material from different sources.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • to provide students with an introduction to Modern architecture, its key trends and concepts
  • to provide students with experience of writing and analysing buildings and architectural theory
  • to provide a critical overview of the major architectural movements
  • to give a historical and cultural context that influenced modern architecture
  • to develop a critical knowledge of problems faced by architects in the 20th century
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • to begin to recognize architectural movements and styles
  • to recognize the major building types and construction types
  • to develop persuasive verbal analysis
  • to develop research skills through the original investigation
  • to become aware of material and visual qualities of the building
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • Introduction to the modern architecture
    Periodization of the modern architectural history. Problems that faced by architects in the 20th century. Researchers and architectural theory. Architectural schools. Review of the historiography.
  • Architecture and Urbanism Between the Two World Wars
    Terminology. Architecture in Europe, Americas and Russia. Architecture and politics. Architecture and economics. International exhibitions and architecture of the pavilions. Architectural journals. Urban planning and architecture in the USSR.
  • Post-war modern architecture: 1945-1980s
    Post-war reconstruction of the cities and development of the urban planning theory. Architects and housing problem. International style in Europe and US. Soviet modernism and its heritage. Reaction to modernist 'ideology'. Post-modernism and its manifests and leaders.
  • Modern architecture in India, China and Japan
    Architectural schools and agenda in Asian region. Colonial and postcolonial historical and cultural context and architectural design and studies. Leading schools and architectures in the post-war Asian architecture.
  • Contemporary architecture
    Contemporary architectural theory and practice. Architectural prizes and biennales. Ecological agenda and architecture. Social agenda and architecture.
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • non-blocking Homework
    Homework could include readings and tasks on writing
  • non-blocking Presentation
    In a form of short presentation in-class (15 minutes) and followed discussion
  • non-blocking Written assignment
    Submitted in doc, pdf or ppt file format.
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • Interim assessment (4 module)
    0.2 * Homework + 0.5 * Presentation + 0.3 * Written assignment


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