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Master 2012/2013

Visual Studies of Public Sphere and Social Communications

Type: Elective course
Area of studies: 040100.68 Социология
Delivered at: Department of General Sociology
Faculty: Faculty of Sociology
When: 1 year, 1 module
Instructors: Elena R. Iarskaia-Smirnova (delivers lectures and conducts seminars)
Master’s programme: Sociology of Public Sphere and Social Communications
Language: Russian
ECTS credits: 4

Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova

Visual Studies of Public Sphere and Social Communication

Study year 2012/2013

The course aims to develop theoretical and empirical grounds of the methodology of visual studies for the application to the research of the problems of public sphere, activity of the civil society organizations, work with groups and communities through mass media and direct forms of social communication through service learning.  


By the end of the course students should be able to:

form knowledge base on visual research methodology, its potential in studying the issues of public sphere and social communication, develop skills of conducting research and presenting findings, recognize and manage professional values. 

In details, the students are expected to:

critically differentiate between existing approaches to using visual data in social studies and evaluate their potential to study social problems, issues of civil society, public sphere and social communications     

recognize different visual sources and types of data, techniques and methods of data collection and analysis in order to build coherent research strategy

acknowledge the active role of publics  in order to their role in meaning production   

analyse films, including documentary films from the angles of social institution, mode of production, a text and practices of audiences

conduct research taking into account advantages and limitations of the applied perspective

recognize and apply action participatory visual methods as well as creative methods in social art-science projects

acknowledge value of their research for different types of audience, recognize the moral dimensions of different stages and forms of visual studies


Course materials: