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Educational Programme
Final Grade
Year of Graduation
Varvara Guseva
Elements of the "Open Region": Global Trends and Experience of Perm Krai
Faculty of Management
Master’s programme
Research problem :

When evidence of the preconditions for the implementation of the Perm region of the project " Open Region " and the relevance of its implementation as well as the presence of an authority responsible for its implementation , the project has not yet reached the public.

Degree of a research topic

It should be noted that the project was developed relatively recently , but it has aroused great interest in the scientific community , both in Russia and abroad .

In Russia, the researchers of this topic are IV Begtin , SV Arkhipov, AV Klimenko , AG Barabashev , AB Zhulin , RE Artamonov , AS Gutnikova , EM Styrin , AV Chaplinsky , SM Plaxin , BA Shchigolev .

In foreign practice engaged in this topic : Francesca T., Timoth Q., Michael M., Crlia W.

It can be concluded that this topic is urgent as a result we can talk about the extent of its elaboration .

Objective: to develop proposals for improving the implementation of the project " Open Region " in the Perm region .

To achieve this goal it is necessary to solve the following problems :

• To explore the theoretical aspects of project development and Open Government;

• Identify the key requirements for the content of the draft Open Government;

• Consider the foreign experience in project Open Government;

• Conduct research project " Open Region "

Perm Krai .

• Identify the problems of implementation of the project implementation " Open region ."

• Justify the need to improve the project " Open Region " in the Perm region .

• Identify expected outcomes to improve the implementation of the project " Open Region " in the Perm region .

Object of research: the project " Open Region " in the Perm region .

Subject of research : the process of implementation of the project " Open Region "

In his master's thesis contains the following elements of scientific novelty :

• " Open Region " implemented in 2012

• Improving the implementation of the project ;

• Comparative analysis of the implementation of the project " Open Region " in the Perm region and other regions.

The practical significance

As part of his master's thesis conducted studies that confirm the practical significance of the dissertation research by the following theses :

• identified risks of implementing the project " Open Region " in the Perm region ,

• Development of proposals for improvement of the project in the area;

Hypotheses of the study : It is anticipated that the project " Public Areas", implemented in the Perm region :

• successful enough ;

• successful;

• not doing well .

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