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Educational Programme
Final Grade
Year of Graduation
Andrej Tkachev
Reengineering of logistics business processes JSC "Mondi SLPK"
Faculty of Logistics
Bachelor’s programme

1. Subject of diploma"Reengineering of logistics business processes of manufacturing company"

2. StudentTkachev Andrei Grigorievich, gr. 422l, the logistics Department HSE

3. Scientific supervisor

Gerami Victoria Drabovna, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor

Key words: material flows, business processes, re-engineering of business processes, Just-in-time, ABC analysis, network diagrams.For large companies the key directions in efficiency are the timing, cost of implementation and effectiveness of new solutions. In this case, the reengineering of business processes is one of the most convenient ways to effectively and quickly achieve the strategic goals of the company. As a consequence, well-built business processes will allow the company to increase the turnover of capital.The aim of Diploma is the development of proposals on re-engineering and logistics business processes. The company, which will implement the proposals on re-engineering of business processes, is a manufacturing enterprise, which is interested in improving logistics and achieve competitive advantage.In the present work, we have to solve the following tasks:

1. To analyze financial and economic performance of the enterprise;

2. To construct business processes in logistics supply and distribution and to identify existing problems;

3. To calculate analytical model of "just in time" delivery of wood to the plant

4. To conduct ABC-analysis of assortment of commodity items;

5. To build a network schedule on the route of delivery of finished products Syktyvkar - Moscow;

6. To prove the economic feasibility of proposals.

In diploma on the basis of existing theoretical framework on the issue were developed the following recommendations: reorganization of the organizational structure, increase the turnover of timber raw materials, the use of the ABC - analysis, finding the shortest route using the method of network diagrams, offered an optimal order of acceptance of raw material to the enterprise.

As a result of application of these recommendations were able to increase the level of inter-functional coordination, reduce costs for the supply of raw materials to delivery of finished products to the consumer.Has been proven economic efficiency of the proposed recommendations. Changes of the main financial indicators of the company resulting from the application of the measures described above were analyzed using models of strategic profits.4. The volume of studies: p - 100, drawings -25 , tables -16 , list of literature sources - 23.

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