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Educational Programme
Final Grade
Year of Graduation
Anna Egorova
Producing a Web Project: Selection and Development of Platform and Interactive Tools for Web Series
Elena Afanasieva
Media Production in Creative Industries
(Master’s programme)
Theoretical and analytical considerations around the production of projects for digital media are evolving, but are still widely open. This is most likely because producing for the Internet is a relatively new subject that does not yet have its own specific methods and methodology of analysis. New media (digital) projects are a complex phenomena involving multiple dimensions.

On the one hand there are aspects not only a traditional audio-visual media products (produced for television, cinema, radio) which requires not only traditional but a cross-media and transmedia approach for producing new media products.

From the other hand there are completely changes the aspect the production process, such as a new internet audience, digital culture, new financial and marketing models and completely new tools for building a team.

A completely new product, created specifically for the Web, changes the aspects of ​​production process in the context of media production.

This research focuses on a relatively new phenomenon in media production such as a Production of a web series – special media product for the development and promotion exclusively for new (digital) media.

The definitions of "producer", "producing", "series", "web series" are analysed with the aim of investigating how the Internet influences these definitions. Moreover, the research will attempt to determine the role of the producer in the production cycle of new media product, such as a web series.

This research is primarily relevant to the development of modern media production and how it is increasingly changed under the influence of the digital environment.

These discussions address essential features of the the producing process behind new digital media projects. This research also looks to support the analytical needs of digital producers and the applied research in the interest of the media industry.

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