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ТАТiana Kalashnikova
Missionary Activity Of Stephan Perms: the Experience of Working out of the Quest for Pupils of 7-9 Grades
The relevance of the study is related to the insufficient knowledge of the Orthodox missionary work, the need to preserve traditional values based on the Orthodox religion and the unique culture of the peoples of Russia.

The problem of research - the definition of strategies of Orthodox missionary activity on the example of Stephen of Perm. Stephen of Perm - one of the major historical figures in the history of the Perm region, St. zyryan, creator Zyryanskaya alphabet, committed missionary and civil feat.

Object of research - the historical sources of the life and work of Stefan Perm subject of investigation - the missionary work of Stephen of Perm.

The chronological scope of the study - the lifetime of Stephen of Perm (ok.1340-1396) - the period of disintegration of Russia, the rise time of the Moscow principality as a new center of political unification of Russia and the struggle with the Golden Horde.

The novelty of the research is to develop an educational quest, "The Mystery of staff Stephen of Perm" for 7-9 grade students. Technology educational quests appeared recently and is not sufficiently developed.

The purpose of research - development of the quest, "The Mystery of staff Stephen of Perm" for 7-9 grade students.


- Examine the historiography of the study of the missionary work of Stefan of Perm;

- Analyze the source base for the creation of the quest;

- Identify strategies of missionary activity Stephen of Perm.

The introduction includes the purpose and objectives of the study, a survey of sources and literature.

Chapter I «missionary Stephen of Perm Strategy" introduces the approaches to the study of mission and missionary activity of St.

Chapter II of "educational adventure" The Secret of staff Stephen of Perm "describes technology training quests and the game scenario.

Conclusion contains conclusions about the historical significance of missionary activity Stephen of Perm and guidelines for the educational quest.

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