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Educational Programme
Final Grade
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Gulsinya Alyautdinova
Employment and Wages of Youth
(Bachelor’s programme)
In this paper, the problems of youth employment in Russia and factors affecting the formation of their wages at the initial stages of a career were considered. The question concerning the reasons why young people express their desire to work was also investigated.

In the first chapter,

- the reasons for discrimination against young workers were identified;

- the main theoretical concepts regarding the topic of paper were clarified;

- the main characteristics of the young worker, which the employer valued when hiring, were reviewe;

- the reasons and peculiarities of student employment were considered;

- the current state of the Russian labor market and the situation of youth on it was analysed.

In the second chapter, the following questions were investigated: 1) what factors influence on wages in the early career? 2) why do young people want to work? For these purposes, the Mincer wage equation and the Heckman model were used.

The study found that wages of young workers at the initial stage of a career have a positive impact by such factors as the combination of work and study, the level of education, the regional effects and marital status (positive effect for men only). It was also found the existence of discrimination on the Russian labor market by gender. Variables that reflect the quality of the respondent's health and his knowledge of a foreign language were insignificant.

The desire to work in the study was expressed in the minimum wage, for which respondents would agree to work. The increase of the reserve wage can be influenced by the level of education, the gender and the region of residence. Dissatisfaction with the conditions of professional growth can also affect the growth in the expected minimum wage. The quality of the respondent's health and the number of members in his family were insignificant variables in the regression.

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