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Educational Programme
Final Grade
Year of Graduation
Anastasia Shorshina
Development of the Change Portfolio in the Company INTEKO
(Bachelor’s programme)
Companies adapt to the changing environment and survive through the implementation of such projects, new technologies and products appear on the market. Often, both investment, R&D, innovation and IT projects, and organizational change projects are implemented as part of project portfolios.

PMI has developed a project management standard that guides managers around the world. Development of the project portfolio is a complex time-consuming process. The final result largely depends on this stage. Various methods and tools for project selection are actively used: cost-benefit analysis, expert assessment, scoring model, graphical representation using two or three criteria, etc. Considerable difficulties arise when taking into account restrictions and links between projects.

The purpose of the study is to develop methodological guidelines for the development of a portfolio of organizational changes in the company INTECO and justify the expediency of using them to reduce the duration of the project selection process and maximize the effect of the project portfolio implementation.

To achieve the goal formulated above, it is necessary to perform a number of tasks:

1. Investigate the types of project relationship to interdependence;

2. To analyze the process of forming portfolios of projects of organizational change;

3. Compare existing methods and tools for the formation of project portfolios;

4. Identify shortcomings in the approach to the selection and ranking of projects for organizational change in INTECO;

5. Develop basic recommendations on the use of mathematical programming for the formation of a portfolio of organizational change projects in INTECO;

6. Evaluate the feasibility of the introduction of mathematical programming in management processes in INTECO.

The research object is the Russian construction company INTECO. The subject is the process of forming portfolios of organizational change projects.

The shareholder and the Board of Directors of INTECO set a very ambitious goal for managers and employees for 2019-2020 to completely transform and improve the company in difficult times for it and the entire construction industry. For this purpose, the Office of Strategic Changes was formed, and a Transformation Program was developed based on the strategy, which included 60 projects of organizational changes. Manual selection of projects took a lot of time from four INTECO employees, and its results cast doubt on the objectivity of the choice. Using the solution search add-in in MS Excel made it possible to optimize the project portfolio of organizational changes 10 times faster than manually. The portfolio has become more balanced, and the effect of its implementation has been increased by 11.1%. However, despite the fact that this add-on is available to a wide range of people free of charge and does not require deep technical knowledge from the user, its work often fails. For professional purposes, the use of more serious software tools is strongly recommended.

The developed model does not take into account the different types of the relationship of projects to interdependence. It is possible to refine it in this direction, as well as build a formula that will allow taking into account not just the total number of dependent projects, but the number of those projects that are included in the formed portfolio. Also, a great practical benefit will definitely bring research in the field of synergistic effect between projects.

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