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Educational Programme
Final Grade
Year of Graduation
Nina Sosnina
The Developing of Coaching Program for Overcoming the Obstacles for Career Growth
Psychology in Business
(Master’s programme)
Master's thesis is devoted to the development of a coaching program to overcome the blocks of career development. Coaching is a fairly universal tool of psychological influence and learning, the essence of which E. Grant sees in “promoting positive change”. At the same time, coaching differs from other psychological tools of directional influence (for example, psychological counseling, training, etc.) in an extremely individual approach to the student and his problem, as well as in focusing not on the cause of the problem, but on finding a solution. Coaching is used both by organizations as a tool for in-house training and development of personnel, and by independent coaching experts who are ready to offer their clients various personal growth programs. In the last decade, coaching has been actively developed, its methodology is being worked out, a sufficient empirical basis has been developed for a qualified conclusion about its effectiveness in various aspects. At the same time, coaching itself becomes a non-uniform phenomenon - various types stand out in its structure. One of these types has become career coaching. One of the main problems solved by career coaching is the removal of career blockages. Master's thesis is devoted to the problem of the effectiveness of coaching as a tool for removing career blockages.

The relevance of the dissertation topic is provided by several aspects:

1. Career blockages hinder the increase in the cost of personnel capital of organizations and the disclosure of professional and creative potential of employees, which leads to a decrease in the competitiveness of modern organizations in a market economy;

2. Organizations are constantly looking for new tools for training and developing employees;

3. A person finds satisfaction, including professional life, many people simply do not think of themselves outside the profession, and career blocking leads to a decrease in labor productivity, to the impossibility of further growth and development, which negatively affects the emotional state of the individual and leads to a state of dissatisfaction and frustration , stress, depression.

As a result, it is important to find effective tools for removing career blockages and determine the conditions for their effective use. Coaching is considered as such a tool in this paper.

Scientific novelty and practical significance of the research are determined by the consideration of such a relatively new independent direction in coaching, like career coaching. At the same time, career coaching and its application have practical significance both for a person as a subject of career development, and for an organization in which a person works. Thus, the decision of career blocking with the use of coaching allows to achieve a significant increase in a person’s satisfaction with his work, which creates a positive attitude towards work and increases motivation for work and further development. On the other hand, using a career coaching tool to remove career blockages among its employees, an organizational psychologist-coach can purposefully affect the productivity of workers, their level of involvement and increase the efficiency of managing personnel movements within the organization.

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