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New Double Degree Programme with Seoul National University

HSE ISSEK and the College of Engineering at Seoul National University have signed an agreement for a double degree programme which involves the HSE’s Master Programme in Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation and the ‘Technology Management Economics and Policy’ (TEMEP) at the College of Engineering of Seoul National University.

Prof Jeong Dong Lee from SNU has expressed his enthusiasm about the new initiative between SNU and HSE: ‘This is a groundbreaking new joint programme with our esteemed colleagues in Moscow. SNU is pleased to provide students with a programme that is both creative and challenging and that will develop students’ skills and competences. The calibre of both programmes is very high but I believe that the double degree adds even more value. To hold two degrees upon graduation, namely a Master in Engineering from SNU and a Master in Management from HSE, is unique in itself. But the social competences that students will acquire are also remarkable. Life and culture in Korea is very different from Russia. Graduating from both our programmes is evidence that students are capable of understanding and absorbing both cultures. This is an extraordinary asset for future careers.’

Prof Meissner added, ‘SNU and HSE now offer a unique and challenging double degree programme for ambitious students in a field which requires creativity and patience and, most importantly, rigor. It’s an honor for HSE to share educational and research resources with our Korean colleagues.’

In order to be awarded the two degrees, students are required to spend one year studying at SNU and one year studying at HSE. Students will be able to apply for the double degree programme at the end of their first semester with a motivation letter. Students who wish to enter the double degree should state their goals and motivation for this. The HSE programme will make an assessment of applications and provide nomination to SNU. The assessment clearly takes into account the motivation letter and previous achievements of the applicant in the programme. SNU follows a similar procedure. There are no additional entrance exams for both programmes. HSE students going to Seoul will have to be aware of tuition fees at SNU and pay for travel and living expenses in Seoul. HSE students will spend two semesters at SNU and vice versa. Master Thesis will be prepared at the university the student is currently studying. As a general rule the Master Thesis prepared in this double degree will always be jointly supervised by a HSE professor and a SNU professor. The HSE and SNU programme are frequently exchanging teachers so there is a reasonable chance that students will meet professors from their home university at the respective partner university.

Photo provided by Professor Meissner.

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