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HSE Guesthouses

Director – Elena Degtyareva

HSE has two guesthouses that can be used by HSE visiting faculty, conference and seminar participants.


Our guesthouses offer single and double rooms with ensuite bathroom facilities. There are also suites and junior suites.
A standard room is equipped with a single bed, a study desk, a chair, a wardrobe and a fridge. A set of bed linen and two towels are provided and changed once a week. Upon request floor supervisors will provide you with ironing equipment as well as an electric kettle. Residents can rent safes and use luggage storage facilities for 100 RUR per day.

To check into the guesthouse you will need your passport and visa. Upon arrival residents are provided with a special ID pass which enables them to enter and exit the building with no problem at any time 24/7 during their stay. However, residents are required to leave their keys at the reception every time they leave.

Please keep in mind that the university cannot guarantee accommodation for families. Staying with pets is not allowed in our guesthouses. If you plan to arrive with your family, we recommend renting an appartment.

Payment and moving in:

  • A special request form from HSE and proper ID recognized by the Russian Federation must be presented in order to move into the guesthouse.
  • In the case of short stays of up to 30 days, advance payment for the entire duration of the stay is required. For longer stays, payment for the first month is required upon moving in; for each subsequent month, payment must be made no later than the last business day of the previous month.
  • Payment should be made in cash unless stated otherwise on the request form. Major bank cards are also acceptable.
  • If accommodation is paid for by the HSE, the Accounting Department will settle the account between the guesthouse and the relevant HSE department.
  • If guests leave earlier than planned, they should submit a special request to the Accounting Department for reimbursement of the extra amount.

Rules and Regulations

  • Everything provided in the guest houses and in the rooms is the property of the university, and residents are to compensate damages or loss if they cause any.
  • Visitors are allowed from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. Visitors’ proper conduct is the residents’ responsibility and concern.
  • Littering is prohibited and residents must dispose of their trash in the designated areas.
  • Music or noise produced by any electrical appliances is only allowed from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m., provided that it does not disturb other residents.
  • Cooking in rooms is prohibited.
  • Please don't put any stickers or posters that can damage the wall paper in your room.
  • No heat-producing electrical appliances are permitted in the rooms (including electrical stoves, boilers, coffee-machines, etc).
  • Inflammable and explosive substunces and objects are prohibited in the rooms and shall be confiscated if found.
  • No smoking or alcoholic drinks are allowed in the guesthouse.
  • Pets are not allowed in the dormitory.
  • Rooms are subject to the administrator’s examination before checking-out.
  • Visitors who are not Russian citizens must notify the Guesthouse administration each time they cross the Russian border: at least 1 day prior to their departure from the country and no later than on the next day after their arrival to Russia. Any violations of this rule may result in delay in migration registration or even subsequent eviction.