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International Laboratory for Social Integration Research

The stagnation of anti-corruption studies on Russia: what should be done to reverse the situation?
In press

Chiarvesio F.

Tomsk State University Journal of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science. 2020. No. 58.

Book chapter
The ‘last-minute children’: Where did they come from, where will they go? Media portrayals of children deprived of parental care, 2006–2018

Iarskaia-Smirnova E. R., Kononenko R. V.

In bk.: Reforming Child Welfare in the Post-Soviet Space Institutional Change in Russia. Routledge, 2021. P. 47-67.

The setting up of the International Laboratory of Social Integration Research at HSE University is part of the effort to generate the ‘know how’ and technical expertise. It will focus on international and interregional cooperation in research and teaching, and on creating an international network as a source of science, education, expertise and facilitation of social improvement and innovation.


Employees of the ILSIR participated in the conference "Social Dynamics. Inequalities, Integration, Mobility and Migration»

Conference “Social dynamics. Inequalities, integration, mobility and migration” organized by the Budapest Center for Social Sciences (Hungarian Academy of Sciences Center of Excellence) took place on November 16-17 online. The purpose of the conference was to gain a clearer picture of social shifts and immobility in the post-millennium international context.

How Body Size Follows Social Changes in Arctic Generations: the Case of Western Siberia

June 18, 2020 at the on-line seminar of IL SIR, Andrey Kozlov the leading researcher of the laboratory, gave presentation ‘How Body Size Follows Social Changes in Arctic Generations: the Case of Western Siberia’. Researchers from Russia and Canada took part in the seminar. Discussants: Dr.Tracey Galloway (Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto Mississauga) and Prof.Elena Tarasenko (Higher School of Economics).

The Research about the Response to the Pandemic COVID-19 Families with People with Special Needs

Our Laboratory has joined an international research project on how Families with Children with Special Needs are coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The Problems of Professional Education for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Students

On May 29, 2020 a junior research fellow at the laboratory Nikita Bolshakov made a report on the topic ‘The Problems of Professional Education for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Students’ during the joint online seminar of the IL SIR and The Research group on disability anthropology of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of RAS.

Getting Accommodation and Discrmination in a Post-Soviet Society: A Case Study of Nigerian Migrants in Contemporary Moscow

7 мая 2020 г. состоялся онлайн-семинар Международной лаборатории исследований социальной интеграции. Исаак Они, стажер-исследователь МЛ ИСИ,  представил результаты своего исследования.

Sociological Researches of Inclusive Education: What Can They Offer Parents of Children with Disabilities?

On May 1, 2020, the international webinar of the International Laboratory for Social Integration Research was held together with the “Autism. Regions” association and the “Vykhod” Foundation for parents, teachers and researchers from different regions of  Russia, as well as from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The Relationship between Objective and Subjective Economic Well-being in Russia

On April 16, 2020, the second research seminar was held at the International Laboratory for Social Integration Research. Daria Salnikova, senior lecturer of the department of higher mathematics and junior research fellow of the IL SIR, presented the results of her dissertation research conducted under the supervision of professor V.V. Radaev. The study is devoted to examining the existing gap between subjective and objective economic well-being.

Disability Category in the Public Sphere (March 24, 2020)

On March 24, 2020, a joint seminar was held at the International Laboratory for Social Integration Research and the Department of General Sociology of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Higher School of Economics. Volha Verbilovich, Master of Sociology and Lecturer for the School of Media, presented a report on her dissertation entitled “Disability Category in the Public Sphere”, which performed under the guidance of the Head of the Laboratory, PhD, professor of the Department of General Sociology E.R. Iarskaya-Smirnova.

HSE Launches New International Laboratories

For ten years now, HSE has been holding an annual grant competition for researchers who wish to start new international laboratories at HSE in collaboration with leading foreign scholars and scientists. The most recent competition reached its conclusion this past November, and now some of the selected proposed labs have already begun operation. Who are the competition winners and what kind of research will they be doing?

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