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International Laboratory for Social Integration Research

Internet in the Post-Soviet Area: Technological, Economic and Political Aspects

Davydov S. G., Sharikov A., Eremina A. et al.

Cham: Springer, 2023.

Inclusion in education: Its bonds and bridges

Iarskaia-Smirnova E. R., Salnikova D., Kononenko R. V.

Children and Youth Services Review. 2024. Vol. 158.

Book chapter
Altruism, Morality, and the Morality of Altruism

Bykov A.

In bk.: Handbook of the Sociology of Morality, Volume 2. Springer, 2023. Ch. 14. P. 215-221.

Working paper
Introducing the COVID-19 crisis Special Education Needs Coping Survey.

Dukes D., Van Herwegen J., Bolshakov N. et al.

February 16. . PsyArXiv, 2021

The setting up of the International Laboratory for Social Integration Research was a part of the strategic effort of the HSE University to generate the 'know how' and technical expertise. The Lab focuses on international and interregional cooperation in research and teaching, and on creating an international network as a source of multidiciplinary scholarship, education, expertise and facilitation of social improvement, integration and innovation. 


The “Third Mission” of the University is a course for a wide audience, created by the Institute of Socio-Economic Planning of the NRU HSE within the framework of the “Vladimir Potanin Scholarship Program” of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation.
February 06
Sergey Davydov, senior researcher at the ILSIR, spoke on January 30 at the presentation of the study “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education”
February 01
Nikita Bolshakov, a Leading Research Fellow at the ILSIR, together with the Museum of Cryptography, organized a professional development program for museum workers called "On the same wave".
January 17
On December 12, 2023, Elena R. Iarskaia-Smirnova delivered an online lecture on the topic "Research of socially vulnerable groups: motivation, involvement, effects. Types of projects, formats and ways of interaction" for graduate students and staff of Sirius University of Science and Technology.
December 26, 2023
On December 25, the employees of the International Laboratory for Social Integration Research spoke at a round table on the results of the project "It's better at home - preparation for independent living".
December 26, 2023
From October 30 to November 20, 2023, our Laboratory held another annual Autumn School. This year, participants examined social research and practices through the lens of cinema. The School's diary will tell you more about how it was.
December 08, 2023
Roman Abramov and Danila Ivanov, researchers of the Laboratory, spoke at the round table of the Research Group on the Ethics of Social Work [SWERG] (UK, Durham University; Slovenia, University of Ljubljana).
November 30, 2023
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