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All-Russian conference with international participation "Childhood in modern Russia: problems, politics, prospects"

*recommended age
Event ended

Dear colleagues, we invite you to participate in the All-Russian conference with international participation "Childhood in modern Russia: problems, politics, prospects", which will be held on May 31, 2024 in online and offline format.

RANEPA St. Petersburg (Department of State and Municipal Management), Russian Society of Sociologists (Research Committee "Sociology of Childhood"), St. Petersburg State University (Department of Applied and Sectoral Sociology), HSE University (International Laboratory for Social Integration Research) invite you to participate in the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference conferences with international participation "Childhood in modern Russia: problems, politics, prospects".

The purpose of the conference is to discuss a wide range of problems of childhood and youth in a modern, dynamically changing society, which are in the research focus of many sciences. Experts – scientists, practitioners, politicians, public figures, lawyers, teachers, psychologists, business representatives, etc., as well as young scientists (students and postgraduates) working with children and youth are invited to the discussion.

Address: Plenary session: Hall of the Scientific Library of the RANEPA St. Petersburg, 8th line V.O., 61. Breakout sessions: classrooms in the Institute building at Sredny ave. V.O., 57/43, Faculty of Public and Municipal Administration of the RANEPA St. Petersburg.

The plenary session and the work of the sections will be held on May 31, 2024 from 10.00 to 13.00 and breakout sessions from 14.00 to 17.00.

Form of the event: offline and online format. The conference will be broadcast online, information about the links will be in the program.

Areas of work of the conference:

  • The transformation of modern childhood in Russia.
  • Children's and youth organizations and associations: subjectivity and opportunities.
  • Homeland through the eyes of a child / youth.
  • Education of patriotism in childhood / youth.
  • Child safety in modern Russia.
  • The rights of the child: myth or reality.
  • Children's and youth policy in the context of sanctions.
  • Culture and subculture of childhood / youth
  • Child and school: traditional and alternative forms of education
  • Health and health-saving practices for children and in children
  • Social protection of childhood.
  • Children in the family and outside the family.
  • The values of nepotism, parenthood, motherhood, fatherhood, and childhood in modern Russia.
  • Social attitudes and the value environment of Russian teenagers.
  • Social inequality in the children's and youth community.
  • Child labor.
  • Digital technologies in the daily life of modern children / youth.
  • The generation of modern children / youth
  • The human capital of childhood.
  • "Talking about important things": what is important for children / teenagers / youth?
  • The future of Russia through the eyes of children and youth.
  • Professions that children choose; professional orientation of young people.
  • Children in an urban environment.
  • Libraries and reading in a child's life.
  • Methodology of childhood research: diversity and inclusivity
  • Methodological features of the study of children
  • The work of the youth section is provided.

Thematic sections will be formed based on the results of the presented reports.

All speakers will receive the conference program and electronic certificates. Information about the conference will be posted on the official websites of the RANEPA, St. Petersburg State University, and International Laboratory for Social Integration Research.

The best reports will be published in journals (free of charge) indexed in the RSCI: in the Scientific Papers of the RANEPA Scientific Research Institute, in the scientific journal for young scientists "Novelty. Experiment. Traditions".

Expenses related to travel and accommodation of nonresident participants of the conference are paid at the expense of the sending party.
There is no registration fee!

Main dates: 

  • Until April 10, 2024, applications for participation in the conference and abstracts for inclusion in the program are accepted at childconf@yandex.ru (with an indication in the subject line of the letter "Your name, abstracts").
  • From April 10 to April 30, 2024 – consideration of applications.
  • Until May 20, 2024 – notification of participants, mailing of the conference program.
  • May 31, 2024 – the conference will be held.
  • By June 15, 2024, sending the texts of scientific articles based on the results of speeches to childconf@yandex.ru (with the indication in the subject of the message "Your name, article") and the preparation of a collection of papers within six months from the date of the conference.

Requirements for the content of reports and abstracts:

  • the work should correspond to the topic of the conference;
  • the material presented in the abstracts should be problematic in nature;
  • the work must be relevant;
  • The practical significance and scientific novelty of the research are welcomed.

Rules for the preparation of abstracts for inclusion in the conference program and collection of materials submitted by the authors.

  • issue abstracts in accordance with Appendix 1 (information letter)
  • send abstracts (file name "Author's last name") by e-mail address: childconf@yandex.ru 

Contacts of the organizers:
Beschasnaya Albina Akhmetovna (RANEPA) beschasnaya-aa@ranepa.ru; aabes@inbox.ru;
Savinskaya Olga Borisovna (ILSIR, HSE University),
Yashina Maria Nikolaevna (St. Petersburg State University) - coordinators of the organizing committee.
The e-mail address of the conference: childconf@yandex.ru