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Program of the III International Research Conference "Interaction. Integration. Inclusion in the era of sociality crisis"

November 13, 2023

10:00-10:15 – Conference Opening

10:15-12:00 – Plenary Session


12:15-15:30 – Section "Technologies and Quality of Life for People with Disabilities in the Digitalization Era: Issues, Challenges, and Social, Religious, Ethnic Aspects"

12:15-14:30 – Round Table "Policies and Practices of Inclusion in School and Extracurricular Education in the Former USSR Countries"

12:15-14:30 – Section "The Integration Potential of Professional Communities: Resources of Solidarity and the Crisis of Sociality"

15.40-18.40 – Social movements in special cultural and political conditions

15:00-18:00 – Section "Life Arrangement of People with Mental Disabilities: Study Experience, Programs, and Cases"

17:30-19:30 – Section "Midlife or Life in the Middle? Meanings, Practices, and Trajectories of Adulthood in Contemporary Russia"

17:30-19:30 – Round Table "Museum Engagement with Communities"

17:30-19:30 – Section "Friendly School: At the Intersection of School and City Interests"

November 14, 2023

10:00-12:00 – Section "Theoretical Foundations of Social Integration and Inclusion Research: Altruism, Solidarity, and Moral Boundaries"

11:10-12:00 – Section "Components of Social Technology: Experience in Comprehensive Research"

12:00-14:45 – Section "Inclusive Culture in Conditions of Instability: Values and Attitudes of Post-Socialist Country Citizens"

12:00-14:45 – Section "Employment of People with Disabilities: Research Findings and Insider Insights"

13:10-16:10 – Section "Emotional Labor in the Field of Professional Care in (Post)Pandemic Societies: New Challenges and Changes"

15:00-17:30 – Section "(Non)Production of Indifference in the Provision of Public Goods"

15:00-17:30 – Section "Health-Preserving, Self-Preserving, and Risky Behavior in Different Social, Territorial, and Ethnic Groups". Part 1 "Attitudes and Practices of Self-Preserving and Risky Behavior in Different Social Groups"

15:00-17:30 – Section "Research in Conditions of Uncertainty: Issues and Solutions"

November 15, 2023

12:15-16:00 – Section "Health-Preserving, Self-Preserving, and Risky Behavior in Different Social, Territorial, and Ethnic Groups". Part 2: "Health-Preserving Behavior in Different Social, Territorial, and Ethnic Groups"

12:15-15:00 – Section "Diversity and Social Inclusion in the Workplace: Local and International Experience"


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