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Board of Trustees

The HSE Board of Trustees was created in order to help the university achieve a world-recognized level of research, education and project work and to become one of the leading research universities in the world in the fields of sociology, economics, humanities, computer science and mathematics. In many countries, support from alumni, corporate partners, private foundations and sponsors allow universities to achieve more than they could just with limited public resources. Extra support enables these universities to achieve great results, contributing to strong economic growth in their countries and regions.

Partnership between HSE and trustees

Investment in the development of HSE contributes to the development of human capital and the strengthening of Russia's position globally.

The Board of trustees is intended to create a basis for partnership between the university and prominent representatives of the business community.

The partnership is focused on building mechanisms for the long-term financing of projects intended for the university’s development with due consideration of the partners’ interests.

Individual partnership programmes:
  • a set of projects important for the university’s development that also meets the interests of the trustee;
  • annual engagement of the trustee that includes the financing of ongoing projects and/or the development of a sustainable financing scheme for the project through an endowment fund;
  • participation of the trustee in the implementation of selected projects and the mechanism of control over the targeted use of funds;
  • other forms of participation of the trustee in the university's life: meetings with students, participation in ceremonies, etc.
  • provide financial support for the university’s development projects;
  • promote the initiatives of the university in Russia and the rest of the world;
  • participate in the assessment of the university's development and in making strategic decisions.
The University:
  • implements a strategy for improving the university’s international competitiveness;
  • organizes the participation of trustees in the university’s development in an agreed format;
  • provides trustees with the opportunity to control the use of funds;
  • takes into account individual interests of trustees and offers them an appropriate appreciation programme.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Herman Gref

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank, Chairman of the HSE Board of Trustees

For several years Sberbank promotes the introduction of innovative educational technologies, and maintains university traditions
Victor Vekselberg

President, Skolkovo Foundation, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Renova Group

With the support of Renova Group HSE implements the research programme focused on the correlation between the issues of legal regulation and the problems of economic and social development
Arkady Volozh

CEO, Yandex Group

Yandex cooperates with HSE Faculty of Computer Science, which implements a series of educational and research projects, including the scholarship programme, with the support of the company
Andrey Kostin

President - Chairman of the Board, VTB

VTB and HSE contributed to the establishment of a professorship in finance funded from the endowment
Vladimir Kogan

Principal shareholder, Uralsib

Vladimir Kogan is the founder of the endowment, the income from which enables HSE to fund up to 150 student internships in partner universities annually
Leonid Mikhelson

Chairman of the Board of Directors, SIBUR Holding, Chairman of the Management Board, Member of the Board of Directors, NOVATEK

NOVATEK supports the programme of basic research in the field of energy and contributes to the development of HSE Lyceum
Alexey Miller

Managing Director of Gazprom

With the support of PJSC Gazprom, the library of HSE Faculty of Humanities has been renovated, and the range of courses on the world's largest online education platform Coursera has been expanded
Vadim Moshkovich

Founder, Rusagro

The contribution of Vadim Moshkovich to HSE Endowment provides new opportunities for the implementation of HSE development projects
Mikhail Prokhorov

Founder, Onexim Group

Over 100 doctoral students of the Full-time Advanced Doctoral Programme are recipients of Mikhail Prokhorov research scholarships
Mikhail Zadornov

Chairman of the board of FC Otrkytie bank

For many years Mikhail Zadornov has participated in the activity of HSE Board of Trustees as part of VTB Group trustee programme. A new trusteeship programme is currently under discussion.

Principles of cooperation between the university and trustees

The systematic approach and excellent reputation

of the highly professional team of HSE managers guarantees to meet targets on spending and the most effective use of trustee funds.

Individual partnership programmes

that meet the interests of the trustee, a convenient interface for interacting with the university.

Long-term relationships,

based on trust and mutual interests of both the university and the trustee.

The development of sustainable funding models

of development projects through HSE endowment.

Transparency and feedback:

financial and informative reports on the spending of the donated funds are available upon the request of the trustee.

The financial statements of the university undergo an annual audit according to Russian and international standards.


Executive Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Marina Stupnikova