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HSE University is announcing Project Competition for Launching International Laboratories at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in the period from December 01, 2019 to December 31, 2022

Competition goals

  • Establishment, support and development of fields of research, as well as world-class international schools at HSE University;
  • Providing support to existing and building new research teams at HSE University, as well as recruiting the leading international scholars;
  • Engaging students and doctoral students to work at HSE University’s international laboratories (hereafter, the IL) to let them get experience of project work in international research projects and cultivate relevant academic culture at the initial stage of their research career.

The Laboratory will be subject to annual international expert reviews every 3 years and may be granted additional financing for a subsequent 3-year period following the review.

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact us by email at concurs_labs@hse.ru

Information about the winners will be published on the HSE portal.


Proposals are accepted until 12:00 PM September 02, 2019


The results will be announced no later than November 11, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take part in the competition?

HSE University’s (Moscow campus) research teams, jointly supervised by prominent international researchers, who hold leading positions in relevant fields of study (hereafter, “Leading Researchers”), and leading Russian scholars (hereafter, the “IL Heads”) shall be entitled to take part in the Competition.

The Leading Researcher and the IL Head shall be entitled to take part in the research project, which won the Competition.

International laboratories, which do not presuppose the establishment of an experimental base at HSE University, will be launched on the basis of the Competition results.  

International laboratories, which may utilize an experimental base available at Institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, can be launched on the basis of the Competition results.

What will be the leading researcher's responsibilities if he/she wins the competition?

The following requirements for conducting research projects and relevant implementation arrangements are set for the Leading Researcher:

  • The Leading Researcher’s personal supervision (with him/her being physically present at HSE University) of IL operations shall be required for at least 45 working days per year;
  • A 3-year employment agreement shall be concluded between the Leading Researcher and HSE University, which will become his/her primary full-time place of employment in the Russian Federation;

The Leading Researcher shall undertake to perform the following functions throughout the project implementation period:

  • Building a research team for conducting research, approving schedules for research work and developing research schools, jointly with the IL Head, acting as the representative of the Russian party;
  • Providing assistance to the IL Head in defining the prospects of research, selecting R&D methods and techniques, as well as possible solutions to the IL’s research objectives;
  • Supervising the development of methodological and working materials, forecasts and proposals, as well as other documents and methodological materials within the framework of the ongoing research project, as well as practical recommendations for properly applying research outcomes;
  • Engaging in teaching work and delivering courses on the topic of the given research project for at least 36 hours per year, in accordance with the approved individual plan of instruction;
  • publishing a predetermined number of articles in a relevant field of research in scientific journals indexed in WoS (Web of Science), with HSE University’s affiliation and mandatory reference to the source of research funding. At least 50% articles in a relevant research field must be published in WoS journals, indexed in Q1/Q2 according to impact factor in at least one of WoS subject categories
What financing will be provided to the winning project?

Each project supported in the framework of the Competition will be financed as follows:

  • up to 0.25 million roubles (gross) will be available in 2019;
  • up to 13 million roubles per year will be available in 2020 – 2022 (10 million roubles  may be allocated for the Laboratory staff wages (including the Laboratory head's and other team members' salaries and all social payments) and 3 million roubles per year - for other expenses, including research mobility, expendables, equipment maintenance, etc).
Can the Lab continue its operations beyond 2022?

The IL research results achieved in 2019-2022 shall be subject to expert review, with due consideration of established annual performance indicators and the research work schedule.Three-year reports on IL activities and respective expert review results shall be examined at a meeting of the Committee responsible for organizing international research projects co-supervised by leading international and Russian researchers at HSE University, and at the meeting of the HSE University’s Expert Research Council.If an expert review produces positive results, the given project may be extended for subsequent three years.

What are the proposal submission deadlines?

The proposal must be submitted by email to concurs_labs@hse.ru by September 02, 2019 and should include the following files:

  • proposal in Russian and in English (Word file);
  • proposal in Russian and in English (PDF file with the candidate’s scanned signature).
When will the competition results be announced?

The results will be announced no later than November 11, 2019.