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Term Paper

Step by step guidelines for term paper preparation
for the 1st year students of Master's Programme
"Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia"
2020-2021 a.y.


Guidelines for term paper preparation (DOCX, 39 Kb) 



No later than October  30, 2020

No later than November 6, 2020


The student have to enter the term paper topic into the table (the link will be sent by corporate email)

The topic must be selected by students and approved by Academic Supervisor

No later than November 20, 2020


The Academic Council has to approve the list of term paper ' s topics and supervisors. Some of them may be declined by the Academic Council if they are not corresponded to the field of research, the level of complexity, etc.


No later than November 27, 2020


If the Academic Council declined the topic of term paper, the student must submit new Request for the topic of the term paper 

No later than February 15, 2021


The students who didn't choose a term paper topic have an academic failure.They have an option to choose the topic in additional period – from January 10 to February 15. The academic failure is eliminated when the student selects the new topic on time and the Academic Council approves it.

Replacing the Supervisor and changing the topic of the term paper


Application for changing the topic of term paper,  

approved by the Supervisor and for replacing the Supervisor, approved by both Supervisors, are submitted to the Academic Supervisor and accepted by the study office from 09.02.2021 to 26.02.2021. The Academic Supervisor and Academic Council approve changed topic of the term paper, as well as the replacement of Scientific Supervisors no later than 06.03.2021


No later than March 30, 2021


The student must submit a draft of the term paper to the supervisor. Student can check the draft of the term paper for plagiarism (use your personal account on the webpage of the faculty http://www.wehse.ru) from 15.04.2021 until 20.04.2021 23:59 - optional.


 Course paper submission deadline

 No later than April 30, 2021


The student must upload into LMS a .doc, .docx or .pdf file of term paper using their personal account (no later than 23:59)


Useful links:

Term Paper Title 

 Supervisor’s review for the Term Paper

  Request for Term Paper Topic