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Practical Training

Practical training of students is a form of organizing educational activities in the development of an educational programme in the conditions of students performing certain types of work related to future professional activities and aimed at the formation, consolidation, development of practical skills and competencies in the profile of the corresponding educational programme.
The procedure for organizing and conducting practical training of HSE students is regulated by the Regulations on the Practical Training of Students of the Educational Programmes of Higher Education – Bachelor's, Specialist's and Master's programmes of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics".
The forms of Practical Training:

Research Internship 

Research Internship is an obligatory part of the curriculum of Master’s Programme “Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia”.

Internship Syllabus  

Internship dates for 2021-2022 academic year: 01.04.2022-15.04.2022

Please register in electronic form (will be available 01.02.2022) to complete the internship (deadline is 01.03.2022)

According to the results of the survey, lists of students for research internships in companies and organizations offered by the University, and lists of students who are independently looking for a place to undergo research internships will be formed.

Students who choose to practice independently should clarify whether employers will be able to provide written guarantees for their internships (letter of acceptance, or formal agreement with the University). To receive an offer letter  (an official request from the University for a research internship for students who already have a job), contact the head of the research internship - Ms Nadezhda Kuchma.

No later than 10.03.2022, the student has to enter in the Internship Application section in the LMS the data, place of Internship, the name of the head from the third-party Organization.

Internship assessment

Students need to submit the following documents for the internship assessment: Internship Report (DOCX, 33 Kb) includes a Title page, Individual task, Work plan, and Internship diary with the signature and optional notes of the Internship coordinator at the internship organization; official seal and contact information of the third-party Organization. The grade is put by the Head of Internship at HSE on the cover page of the Internship Report and based on the “10-point” approach to evaluating students’ knowledge.

The grading system is based on completeness, detail, relevance, the accuracy of information about the student's activities during the internship, and the timeliness of the delivery of a package of documents.

Please contact Ms Shikunova Anastasia, email: aashikunova@edu.hse.ru, mob. +7 981 962 67 56 if you have any questions about the Internship.

Term Paper
Regulations for Term Papers and Theses Prepared by Students of the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Level at the National Research University Higher School of Economics 
define deadlines and recommended procedures for preparation, evaluation, defence and publication of term papers and theses written by students on degree programmes implemented at the University, including its regional campuses.

 Guidelines for term paper preparation 

Useful links:

Term Paper Title 

 Supervisor’s review for the Term Paper

  Request for Term Paper Topic

Term Paper Preparation Schedule 

Project Work

Regulations for HSE Student Project Work, Research and Internships (DOCX, 66 Кб)

Projects are an integral part of Master’s Programme “Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia”, implemented in the 1st and 2nd year of study and include 6 credits. Projects aim to involve students in educational, research or professional projects carried out both at the university and beyond.

Types of projects:

The following types of projects are conducted, depending on their goals and project results:

  • research projects refer to projects concentrated on research work conducted to generate research or applied research materials as the project result (e.g., articles/publications, reports, analytical surveys or notes, research grant applications, or teaching and learning guidelines, etc.);
  • practical (applied) projects refer to projects focused on solving applied tasks, as a rule, at the request of external clients; the results of such projects may be developed as substantiated project solutions, business plans or business cases, or products created upon the client’s request, etc.;
  • service projects refer to projects focused on solving certain official tasks under the framework of a project assignment or providing support to HSE’s ongoing activities and/or those of related subdivisions which, in turn, may be conducive to the development of students’ organizational and communicative competencies.

  The following types of projects are conducted:

  • individual, group, short-term, long-term,
  • external projects are implemented at the request of the University’s external customers;
  • internal projects are implemented upon the request of the University’s subdivisions and academic staff.

Projects may be proposed and selected through a common University-wide mechanism of interaction between project initiators, clients and prospective participants, - a special “Project Fair” (in Russian: «Ярмарка проектов») section on the HSE corporate website (portal), as well as via other project work services and tools proposed by the given Degree Programme or Faculty. Project activities are monitored and regulated by the academic supervisor and the academic council of the programme.

 Master’s Thesis

 Regulations for Term Papers and Theses Prepared by Students of the Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Level at the National Research University Higher School of Economics

Useful links:

Request for Approval of Master's Thesis Topic

Request for Change of Master's Thesis Topic Request for Change of Master’s Thesis Supervisor Request for Extension of Submission Deadline

Master’s Thesis Title 

Supervisor’s Review

Master's Thesis Review 

Master's Thesis Preparation Schedule

Module " Completion of training” in your personal account on lk.hse.ru it will allow the graduate to complete all the formalities in relation to the University without a paper “bypass sheet”. Here the student can check and confirm the correctness of the data in the diploma layout and leave a request for a vacation.