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Students' Profiles

Maryam Azish

Maryam Azish – 2nd year student of the master’s programme "Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia": “Thanks to the excellent information I gained from my teachers in HSE, I have written several op-ed articles in famous news agencies and journals of the world. I consider the major contributors behind my achievement are the teachers of HSE Master’s Programme in Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia.”

"HSE opens up new horizons"

Ganshin Bogdan

There are very few places in every man's live he can call special: a hometown he grew in, a milltary unit he served in, a church, where he said: "I do" to his wife in front of a priest.
But that is never about places, that is always about people, who surround you, whom you are loyal to. My entire academic life is connected with the HSE and with the School of Asian Studies. The most precious here is people, for me the alma mater became place where I found a group of remarkable people, who can solve the problems others never could. Now I'm coming to the end of my master' degree in the School of Asian studies with my colleagues, like-minded people, who became more than a student brotherhood and a little less than a family. We all intended to leave the HSE doorstep, but pretty sure that after studying here the all our endeavors will be the great new beginings.

Mailian Nina

I studied in HSE for my bachelor, and it felt right to continue my studies and research in the same university. My major was Korean studies, so now I am able not only to work on my previous research topic, which was about status of women in South Korea, but also discover more and move out of my comfort zone. I really enjoy the lectures and how the enrich my knowledge about Asia – we have classes on economy, politics, ethnic conflicts and another subjects which are not only useful for our researches and future careers, but also very interesting and exciting. Also very important to mention the atmosphere and best groupmates ever!

Lobanova Liza

I got my bachelor’s degree in “Overseas Regional Studies (China)” in Nizhny Novgorod. However, after graduating from the university, I realized that I wanted to expand my professional competencies, deepen my knowledge, and broader the region of specialization, since in addition to China, I wanted to learn something else. Moreover, my goal was to obtain not outdated, but relevant and modern knowledge and skills That is why I chose the master's program at the Higher School of Economics "Socio-economic and political development of modern Asia." Here I got the opportunity to learn my lovely Japanese culture more deeply, as well as immerse myself in the study of Japanese Manga comics. HSE offers many opportunities, here you feel free to choose your own academic path. I have never regretted that I chose this particular university and program!

Sannikov Nikita

Back in school, I chose an oriental future for myself. Having graduated from appropriate barchelors program, I decided not to leave my studies in this direction and chose the master's program ‘Socio-economic and Political Development of Modern Asia’ at HSE. As a second year student, I never regret my choice, because knowledge and skills in this association are only being improved. This program provides all the opportunities for personal and professional growth, meanwhile professors inspire students and help to realize their scientific needs.

Filina Diana

After graduated the bachelor's degree in the Higher School of Econimics majoring in Asian Studies with Chinese language and 1 year language internship in China, I decided to continue my research in China's politics on the modern stage. The programme ‘Socio-economic and Political Development of Modern Asia’ was the most reasonable choice for me, because the studing program assumed the availability of courses on related topics from leading professors of the Asian Studies and related areas. Moreover studing in English helps not only communicate with foreign colleagues, but also to keep abreast of all the events and scientific publications appearing in the global scientific community. 

Maria Efimenko

Efimenko Maria Vladimirovna – a graduate of the bachelor's program "Oriental Studies" in 2016, a 2nd year student of the master's program "Socio-economic and political development of modern Asia."

The program that I am currently studying in has become interesting to me for several reasons: firstly, here you can do what you like, you do not have to deal only with the politics and economics of Asia, and secondly, when I looked at the list of disciplines, I thought, that they are very rich and deep, and this I lacked in the bachelor's program, I really wanted to deepen my knowledge, thirdly, I really liked the teaching staff, some of our professors I knew from the bachelor's program, and some of the professors became interesting after cheking their profiles. In fact, I "became infected" from them with love for oriental studies and curiosity in my field.

Now I can say that it was not I who chose this program, but it was chosen me. I could not expect such a high level of training of students here, as well as such dedication from teachers. I would also like to note the work of the office - thank you very much, Svetlana Ivanovna Perlova, for being always with us at any time of the day or night!

Sugralieve Asel

I received a bachelor's degree in oriental studies at ENU, Kazakhstan. At an internship in Korea, I made friends with a student from HSE who advised me to go to his university. I applied and was accepted to the program named "Socio-economic and political development of modern Asia." Honestly, I did not expect much and this was my mistake. The professors turned out to be real professionals, I learned a lot during this time and now I want to transfer all my experience to the school of oriental studies in Kazakhstan. Thoughtful and relevant courses, excellent classmates give a special atmosphere to the program. Be prepared to plunge into the world of research with your head.

Guerrero Forteza Eva Alicia

Привет! One of my biggest passions in life is travelling and getting to know different cultures. I am a physical therapist,  so I have to admit that I was a bit scared of pursuing a master's degree in a completely different field, but my curiosity and eagerness to understand better the world were stronger than the fear. So I've chosen the programme "Socio-Economic and Political Development of Modern Asia".  I am originally from Spain, but I have lived in 7 cities from 4 different countries for the last 12 years, and I have to say that Moscow (except for the weather, of course!) and HSE feel like home. Some professors  are very passionate about their classes and devote their time to their students answering questions and helping them in any way they can. I choose HSE because of its good reputation in the country, and we should not forget than not many cities offer the possibilities that Moscow brings. Moscow is a wonderful city, vibrant, full of life and interesting people to meet and to learn from.

Hujo Kim

Hello! My name is Hujo Kim. I’m the first Korean student. I graduated the bachelor's degree majoring in English. I worked as a cruise staff in Taiwan. That time I met lots of foreigners whom liked south-korea and wanted to learn Korean. They made me being interest to be a Korean teacher. Unfortunately, I had no knowledge about Korea and Asia. I’m curious how foreigners think about Asia. That’s why I came here. These course which is Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia suit for me. I understand history, politics and economics of China, Japan and South Korea. Now, I’m studying in bachelor’s degree of Korean culture but also, I’m taking the class every day. All of curriculums are helpful to me. Professors are professional and have experiences related with Asia. I’m sure I can be a good Korean specialist while I’m studying here. I can fully trust with them. I hope I working in Russia after finish these courses.

Yuliya Gulyayeva, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Since my childhood I’ve been fascinated by Asian cultures. During my undergraduate studies I studied Chinese, but one cannot learn a language without getting involved into the history and culture of the country, therefore I decided to broaden my fields of studies and I haven’t regretted it a single day. When deciding upon my graduate studies, I found a programme ‘Socio-economic and Political Development of Modern Asia’ and I understood immediately that this was what I was looking for. Within only two years students can master ways of doing business in Asia, trends of social development and cutting-edge points of Asian politics. And besides, students enjoy friendly atmosphere and active life of the university. HSE University provides not only high-quality education from Russia’s best professors, but also a unique opportunities for creating a dense social network and meeting new and interesting people. 

Make your future with HSE!

Antwi Oliver

The programme is more than insightful, it is well-taught and structured in such a way that no matter your area of interest, you’re offered the chance to explore it further. Although I studied business in in High School, I however had to divert to read the Arts for first degree, this programme offered me another opening to come back to my field of interest. As courses in entrepreneurship, doing business, international relations amongst others across the economies of Asia are explored on module bases, interests become finetuned. For other students like me fumbling with selecting career path and which region to start with, Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia is my recommendation. After a long period of search for the right postgraduate course and receiving offers of equally juicy admission and scholarship packages, I finally settled on a programme I consider life-changing at HSE. As you comb through seminars with Professors and field Experts from diverse areas including business, awareness become more refined which helps in finding career path. I’m interested in international trade and global economy, and as I wrote my course and term papers on China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the ASEAN, I finally settled on e-commerce and SMEs because of the good counsel and guidance provided by Professors. The atmosphere for learning is twice as friendly with fascinating faculty members ever ready to help, especially international students like myself who find it quite uneasy to adjust to a totally new milieu. For me succinctly, the programme and HSE are pathfinders.

Ling Yuen-ting

I graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and I learned Russian language at MGIMO. Last year, I decided to apply for the Master Program ‘Socio-economic and Political Development of Modern Asia’ at HSE. Looking back, it is the best choice I have ever done. Every lecture is new to me and the seminars are fruitful. As an Asian, it is interesting to know how others perceive your place. And HSE is the place which really inspires me and helps me look at Asia from a new perspective. The professors always encourage students to pursue their dream and provide the opportunity to do so. 

Pemanee Sangworn

One of the biggest changes in my life has been becoming a HSE student which is also one of the proudest things too. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Thammasat University, Thailand and now I am enrolled in the Master’s degree in Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia, faculty of World Economy and International Affairs. There are many interesting and modern courses. Professors have a lot of experience and effective teaching methods. The course has exposed the world to me and made me understand many things in greater depth. ‘Why this project exists?’ ‘Why did the government proceed like this?’ ‘What will happen next?’ Furthermore, I was taught to understand business culture which has made me more confident in the case I have to negotiate with people from those countries.
Lastly, I have been receiving not only a unique and excellent education but also the warm friendship from my classmates who are always ready to share their knowledge. Moreover, the staff of faculty and dormitory have also taken great care of me.
Thank you so much!