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Programme Overview

The mission of the Master's program "Cell and Molecular Biotechnology" – is to formate of a unique scientific and applied school in the field of biotechnologies, bioeconomics and sustainable development, which ensures the formation of diverse competencies among graduates. The program is aimed at:

  • mastering fundamental knowledge that allows conducting advanced scientific research in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology: biomedicine, bioengineering, etc.;
  • obtaining applied economic knowledge that ensures the formation of skills for organizing and managing modern innovative biotechnological industries;
  • formation of skills of technological entrepreneurship and commercialization of scientific developments.

    The purpose of the Master's program – is to provide the biotechnological sector of the Russian economy with world-class professionals with diverse competencies in the field of organizing scientific research in biotechnology and molecular biology, including skills in attracting investment and commercialization of the obtained developments, as well as competencies in the field of organizing and managing biotechnological productions.

    Tasks of the Master's program "Cell and Molecular Biotechnology"
  • training of a new generation of highly qualified specialists of international level with diverse competencies in the field of biotechnology, molecular biology, bioeconomics and entrepreneurship;
  • popularization of the direction of bioeconomics and biotechnological management;
  • establishing contacts between the educational and industrial spheres and creating a unified communication environment in the field of bioeconomics and biotechnologies, thereby ensuring a constant influx of qualified personnel into science and production;
  • combining the best practices of scientific research, high-tech business, as well as production, providing the formation of the skills of a researcher-manager;
  • formation of practical skills that provide employment opportunities in advanced biotechnology companies and research organizations.

    Master's programme "Cell and Molecular Biotechnology" is aimed at the formation of undergraduates deep interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of biotechnology, economics and entrepreneurship. The program includes the following disciplines:
  • Current problems of bioeconomics and biotechnology
  • Genetic engineering and bioengineering
  • Biochemistry
  • System biology and Bioinformatics
  • Medical biotechnology
  • Bio-diagnostics
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology of microorganisms and biotechnological processes
  • Plant biotechnology and agrobiotechnologies
  • Design, organization and management of biotechnological production
  • Institutional economics
  • Strategic thinking in bioeconomics
  • Features of the regulatory regulation of bioeconomics in Russia and in the world
  • Venture capital and direct investment in an innovative economy
  • Financial management of an innovative company

Master's programme "Cell and Molecular Biotechnology" is practice-oriented. It includes practical classes, both in the scientific laboratories of the faculty and its partners, and in real production: 

Workshops on biotechnological disciplines in academic institutions and partner companies
  • seminars and meetings with leading experts in the field of biotechnology
  • participation of real business in the training of undergraduates
  • business cases based on the real tasks of the program partners
working with modern software platforms and big data analysis

After completing their studies at the MP "Cell and Molecular Biotechnology", graduates will have diverse competencies in the field of trend research in various fields of biotechnology, management of modern innovative biotechnological productions, as well as skills in commercialization of scientific developments and technological entrepreneurship, which will allow them to carry out:
  • applied and fundamental research in the field of molecular biology and bioengineering
  • development of innovative biotechnological products
  • commercialization of own high-tech developments
  • strategic analysis and management
  • project and innovation management
  • production management
  • commercialization of technologies.

    Competitive advantages of the program
  • Interdisciplinary approach: combining natural sciences, economics and business;
  • The structure of the curriculum allows you to choose an individual learning path;
  • Involvement of leading Russian and foreign scientists in the educational process;
  • Participation of strong industrial partners, as well as the opportunity to practice at their bases;
  • A wide range of partner organizations both in science and in production;
  • Emphasis on obtaining practical knowledge and skills;
  •  The demand for graduates in the labor market in the fundamental and applied fields of biotechnology.

Program principles
  • Compliance with the best practices and international standards of educational programs;
  • world-class research and development;
  • focus on solving current biotechnological problems;
  • a wide selection of research topics for a master's thesis, which allows undergraduates to form their work in accordance with their professional and scientific interests;
  • implementation of the program in close cooperation with a wide range of partners, including specialized laboratories of the IBH RAS, knowledge-intensive business enterprises and foreign partners.