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Application Requirements

Apply online now


An application to this program will be reviewed by the admissions committee within 2 weeks after submission.

International students must submit applications, as follows:

November 1, 2020 – August 10, 2021

Please note that the committee’s decision, which shall be made upon reviewing your application, will be posted in your personal account. The review of your application should take up to 2 weeks. 

All applicants must provide the following documents:

·        Resume/CV

Please submit a standard CV, including, at a minimum, your educational achievements, work and research experience, publications (if any), and language proficiency, contact details (mailing address, e-mail, phone), place of work, grants, and internships.

·         Letter of motivation

This letter should describe your reasons for applying to this programme, in the context of your long-term career goals and background. The motivation letter (especially, Section 3) is critical for evaluation on your application. The committee will evaluate whether you a) are motivated, b) are competent, and c) possess scientific or applied potential in the area of cognitive science. The motivation letter should include the following sections and sub-sections:

Section 1 (less than 300 words): write about your research interests and why have you decided to apply for a Master’s degree.

Section 2 (less than 400 words): 

2.1.       write about your research projects if you have done any (e.g. your thesis work). It should be a brief summary of their topics and their results. If you published a project or presented it at a conference, provide their reference information (APA format). Any other scientific accomplishments (e.g. scholarships or grants that you might have received) should be described as well in this section;

2.2.       write about your job experience (if any), especially if it was somehow related to your application.

Section 2 must not be a copy of your CV – it should rather be an addition to it.

Section 3 (less than 600 words):

3.1.       describe what areas of cognitive science you would like to study.

3.2.       formulate a possible research question or topic that you would like to work on as your master project at HSE with details;

3.3.       list a few teachers and researchers in the programme with whom you want to work with based on their specialty and past studies and describe why you choose them (visit the program’s website https://www.hse.ru/en/ma/cogito/ to find the programme’s teachers and researchers);

Section 4 (less than 200 words): write about your motivation and personal characteristics that will demonstrate your willingness to study diligently. 

·        Scans of diplomas and academic transcripts

If you have not yet received your Bachelor’s diploma, please include an official copy of your most recent academic transcript.

Background in psychology is not required. Diplomas received from non-Russian universities have to be officially verified (more information at the International Admissions Office)

·        Two letters of recommendation (at least one from someone familiar with your academic work)

Please provide your referees with the HSE’s letter of recommendation guidelines.

Note that your referees can send the letters directly to the committee.  Please specify if this is the case and the admissions committee will contact to the referees.

·        Internet or paper-based copies of your research papers, including diploma projects

·        Scan of English proficiency exam results (IELTS or TOEFL)

Native speakers of English and students who have completed an entire degree exclusively in English do not need to submit proof of their English ability. All other applicants should submit test results no more than two years old.

The programme requires substantial amounts of coursework in English. All applicants must undergo the English Test at HSE or provide an English Language Proficiency Certificate. We also accept the results of IELTS Indicator exam in 2021. Our minimum requirements:


Minimum requirements


Score of 6 or above

TOEFL IBT (Internet Based)

Score of 80 or above

TOEFL PBT (Paper Based)

Score of 500 or above