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Thesis Defence Handbook

Thesis Defenсe Schedule (Zoom platform)

Date: 23.11.2020

Time: 9:00 (a.m.)


- Oladiran Tobi Ezekiel

- Suraeva Anastasia

- Tamakloe Bertha Valentina

- Iakimenko Irina

 Members of the State Examination Board :

 I. A. Kuznetsov, PhD, Director, "Gazprombank" (Сhairman)

 P.Y. Malyshev, PhD, Associate Professor

 I. I. Rodionov, Doctor of Sciences, Professor

 E.A. Federova, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

 M. M. Moshiashvili, PhD, Professor, Non-executive director, "Sberbank International"

Executive secretary: M.S. Evdokimova, Lecturer


Before the defence:
1) 5 days before the defense, you should read the Reviewer's and Research superviser's reviews in LMS, and prepare a response to their observations and remarks.

2) No later than 3 days before the defence students should upload his/her presentation to LMS.

3) 2 days before the defence your Thesis, presentation and Reviewer's and Research superviser's reviews become available to the State Examination Board.

4) The day before the study office will provide students with the link to the ZOOM conference.


Thesis defence procedure

1) You should join the conference at the time indicated in the schedule.

2) All students must have their passports with them to verify their identity. At the request of the secretary of the commission, you need to demonstrate the page of your passport with a photo, bringing it closer to your face so that the secretary and members of the State Examination Board can verify your identity. If identification is not possible, you will not be allowed to the defence.
3) Students will defend their Theses in alphabetical order. The secretary will turn on your micro when it’s your turn.

4) Time for oral presentation: 20 min max. Answers to questions: 8-10 min. It’s necessary to strictly adhere to the time frames, as the chairman of the commission has the right to interrupt your speech after 20 min of your presentation, and if you run out of time to finish your speech, it may create wrong impression of your Thesis.

5) The use of materials in your presentation which were not reflected in your Thesis may be regarded as a deliberate violation of academic ethics. Students can include their response to reviewer’s observations and remarks in their presentation but it should be clearly noted during the presentation.

6) After the discussion, a student can have concluding words (up to 5 minutes). During his/her concluding words a student must respond to the State Examination Board observations.
7) At the end of all the presentations, the secretary disconnects students from the conference so the members of the State Examination Board can agree on the grades. At the end of the discussion, the secretary invites the students to the conference once again, and the Chairman announces the grades.

8) All the State Examination Board and the Appeals Committee sessions necessarily involve the collection of all the video recordings made during these sessions.


If you have problems during the defence

1) If you have technical problems with your gadget, or problems with the Internet connection, you need to inform the secretary of the commission. In this case, your presentation is moved to the end of the list of students defending in this commission. During this time, you need to try to solve these problems.

2) If these problems cannot be resolved during the conference, your defenсe will be moved to the backup day.

3) If you can’t contact the secretary, you must inform the study office of the problem.

NB! If you don’t joint the conference at the invitation of the secretary and don’t inform the study office of your problems, it will be regarded as «absence without valid excuse».



1) Students are entitled to submit appeals to the the Appeals Committee in the form of a motivated application made in writing. An appeal may be submitted if a student noticed any violation of established procedure. Disagreement with the grade can’t be grounds for an appeal. For more information see: https://www.hse.ru/en/studyspravka/GIA-apellacia/

2) The application should be sent strictly from a student corporate mail.