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All documents submitted as a part of your application should have English-language translation and preferably converted to PDF or JPEG format. We kindly ask you to merge multiple page scanned copies into one document. Also, please put your surname in the file name e.g. Smith_BADiploma.pdf or Ivanov_Passport.jpeg. International candidates should apply via HSE International Recruiting Office at https://www.hse.ru/en/ma/csr/app

Each application portfolio should include:

1. Curriculum Vitae (2 page limit)

Candidates should submit a standard CV, including, at a minimum, their achievements in study andresearch, work and research experience, publications and conferences (if any), and language knowledge.

2. Letter of motivation (1 page limit)

This letter should describe the candidate's reasons for applying to this Master Program, in the context of the candidate's long‐term career goals and educational as well as research background.

3. Statement of research interests and methods knowledge (2 page limit)

This statement should consist of at least one paragraph describing the candidate's research interests and another describing their experience with research projects and in using different social science research methods (such as regression analysis, cluster analysis, factor analysis, expert interviews,narrative interviews, focus groups, experimental design, etc.) as well as computer packages that can assist in data analysis (such as SPSS, STATA, R, INVIVO, ATLASti). Moreover, the applicant should shortly describe what research ideas or questions he/she is planning to follow up on during his/her studies in the programme.

4. Two short letters of recommendation (at least one should be academic) (two-page limit)

These two letters should be submitted to programme by email (cfroehlich@hse.ru, echeklina@hse.ru). Each letter should specify how the reference knows the student (and for how long) and should address the student's qualification for this program and for further academic study in general. At least one of these letters must be from a current or former teacher (or senior academic colleague) of the student. Preferably, both letters should be submitted in English.

5. Compulsory Interview

Each applicant has to participate in a short interview with the programme’s intake commission either personally at the Higher School of Economics or via an online communication device. This interview will access:

  • the overall level of English of the applicant
  • the fit between the applicant and the programme

6. Official transcripts of previous educational studies.

All applicants must include up‐to‐date BA (or equivalent) transcripts even if the candidate is not yet complete with his/her degree. These transcripts should be official copies, stamped or approved by the study program's Director of Studies. Students with also a higher degree (such as another MA), should submit both transcripts within their application. 

7. GRE results (if available)

These are optional. But students who have taken the GRE may submit their results in support of their packet

Criteria for Portfolio Evaluation
Criteria Maximum points
Academic qualifications and potential, documented by:50 
Official transcript of previous studies (BA or equivalent) / GRE results (if available) 15
Statement of research interests and methods of knowledge 20
Curriculum vitae 10
Two letters of recommendation 5
Student motivation, documented by:30 
 Letter of motivation  20
 Two letters of recommendation  5
 Curriculum vitae  5
 English Language Ability, documented by: 20 
 Interview  10
 Letter of motivation  5
 Statement of research interests and methods knowledge  5
 Total 100