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What is internship within the Master in Comparative Social Research?

Research internship is an obligatory part of the master degree program HSE Master in Comparative Social Research (hereinafter – “the internship”). The internship is carried out in the 2nd year of studies during Module 1 and 2. Students do internship according to their individual program of student internship (IPSI). IPSI is formed by the students with participation of their supervisor, based on their research topic. Upon the completion of the internship and based on the documents provided the student gets a final mark which is included into the transcript.
Before starting their internship students should submit an internship application and internship program forms duly filled in and signed by both the student and the academic advisor.
To get ECTS for their internship the student should submit duly filled in internship daily record signed by the student and the internship supervisor from the organization that hosted the internship for the student.

Before starting the internship students must submit the following forms to the Study Office:

1.   Internship Application (the period of internship is 10 weeks)

2.   Internship Program.

The forms must be signed by the student and her/his HSE Supervisor. The forms are to contain contact information of the Internship Coordinator at the internship organization and the detailed plan of activities for the period of the internship, which is prepared by the student with the participation of the Supervisor, based on the research topic.

After: Internship report 

Students need to submit the following documents:

1.   Internship Daily Records with the signature and optional notes of the Internship Coordinator at the internship organization;

2.   Review of the intern’s work by the Internship Coordinator with the signature and contact information of the Internship Coordinator;

3.   Review by the Supervisor with a grade on the 10-point scale, awarded on the basis of the Internship Program fulfillment and the review by the Internship Coordinator, signed by the Supervisor;

4.   Internship Report ;

5.   Materials (data) collected during the internship – according to the Internship Program and presented in the form defined by the student’s Supervisor.

Regulations and templates

Internship regulations


CSR_Internship guidelinesPDF, 140 Кб)

Internship application template

 Internship application form (PDF, 115 Kb)

Internship program template

 Internship program (PDF, 141 Kb)

Internship daily record template

 MA CSR Internship diary (DOCX, 502 Kb)

Internship report 

 Internship Report (DOC, 40 Kb)

Supervisor's review

 Supervisor's review (DOCX, 14 Kb)

Hosting organization confirmation


 CSR_Internship_confirmation from the hosting organization (DOCX, 16 Кб)