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Regular version of the site

For Admitted Students

This information is relevant to international students (foreign citizens from ''visa'' countries)


  • orientation session - 30.08.2019 (highly recommended!)
  • Welcome Meeting with programme coordinators - 03.09.2019, at 1.40 pm, room R611.
  • Testing for the bridging course "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" - 06.09.2019, 1.40 pm, room D508. Students who pass the testing successfully will be exempted from the bridging course. 
  • HSE Day (05.09.2019, no classes this day)
Your study office - Alexandra Pletneva. You can find Mon-Fri from 10 am till 6 pm at the office (Moscow, Pokrovskiy boulevard, 11, room T904)

To do list:

Student ID. A student ID is issued once we receive your photo and the order of your enrollment. 
Electronic pass. Once you receive your student ID or an enrollment reference you can get an electronic pass.  

In September at Shabolovka Ul .26,  office 4110, from 10.30 AM to 7.30 PM (lunch break 1PM - 2PM)  
Starting from October at Bolshoy Trykhsvyatitelskiy per. 3, office 114, from 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Take your student ID, temporary pass and passport. Check the detailed instruction on how to apply for the e-pass. You may have to queue as the office can be quite busy during the first weeks of September.

Social transport card. Instructions
Library card. Apply for the library card at the main HSE library located at Myasnitskaya Ul. 20, 2nd floor (take the left corridor from the elevators and walk to the hall at the end). You will be required to present your student ID and passport. You can apply for a library card after September 14, Monday-Friday, from 10.00 to 18.00. You can also get remote access to the HSE electronic resources.
Medical Insurance
All foreign citizens must have a valid health insurance policy covering the entire period of their stay in Russia. If your health insurance policy expires during the period of your study at HSE, you can buy a new health insurance policy from one of the insurance companies listed by the links below, or contact any other insurance company. In this case, you can purchase your health insurance policy only after your arrival in Russia. Your Russian health insurance policy shall be valid for one year.
More information: https://benefits.hse.ru/en/medstud
Please note, that according to Regulations all international students must submit a copy of their PMI (CMI) policy to their programme coordinator.
Please bring a copy of your insurance policy before September 24 (maybe either sent by email or brought in person).

Visa Extension. Instructions We'll inform you once the needed document will be ready for you (quota referral/agreement copy/certificate etc.) 
Registration. Instructions
Need a reference or other document? You can order it here. It will be ready within three days at the office.

Useful Links:

HSE for Beginners: Step by Step Guide

HSE International Students group on Facebook

Academic Calendar with national and public holidays

HSE Academic Handbook

Dormitory Internal Rules  and  Tenancy Agreement

Medical Aid and Insurance

Visa and Registration in Moscow

Study Areas (at HSE) with free Wi-Fi and printing options  

Career Opportunities for Students