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For 2023 First-year Students

Dear first-year students,

Below, you can find a list of important steps, which you will need to follow at the start of your studies in order to cope with all organizational matters successfully.


Presentation from the meeting 

Tracks assignment (procedures and online-from)


Dormitory check-in (for non-residents / international students)

Russian citizens

First-year Master’s students can check in at their dormitory any time on August 29-30, 2023.

Please find the check-in procedure for the Bachelor’s students at the link.

Make sure to have the following documents when you check in the dormitory:

  • passport (any other ID);
  • a copy of your passport with registration marks (on the same page);
  • medical certificate confirming that you have no contraindications for residing at the dormitory (Form 086у);
  •  vaccination certificate;
  • medical insurance policy.

If you do not arrive at the dormitory within the specified timeframe, your accommodation referral will be cancelled.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at: zaselenie@hse.ru

International students

Places for checking in at HSE University’s dormitories are allocated via international students’ personal accounts.

You will be provided with access to the “Dormitory” section in your personal account after completing the “Enrolment Consent”, as well as education recognition procedures, but no earlier than August 18, 2023.

Bachelor’s and Master’s students can start checking in at their dormitory from August 21, 2023. Accommodation referrals are valid for 10 days.

By the moment of your arrival to study, you will be entitled to a place at one of the University’s dormitories.

Please download and print out an accommodation referral form available in your Personal account and present it at the dormitory.

Make sure to have the following documents when you check in the dormitory:

  • passport (any other ID);
  • a copy of the first page of your passport with personal details and your photograph; 
  • migration card;
  • vaccination certificate issued in any format from a medical institution (make sure to have a mark confirming your measles vaccination);
  • medical insurance policy valid for the entire period of your stay in Russia;
  • medical certificate issued as per Form 086/у or in a similar format (see Annex No.8).

Please find more details about medical documents required for checking in the dormitory on the website of the Office of Staff and Student Benefits.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email: zaselenie@hse.ru

Information about visa and migration registration (for international students)

HSE Visa and Registration Centre Contact details

Address: Office D005/D006, Korpus D, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Moscow, Russia, 109028

Opening hours for students at the Student Service Centre: 2pm – 6pm, Monday – Friday at 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Entrance No. 5 (entrance from the boulevard)

Telephone: 8 (495) 531-00-63

Email: visa-registration@hse.ru

Website: https://ivisa.hse.ru/

Obligatory medical examination, fingerprinting and official photographing procedures for foreign citizens

Amendments to the Federal Law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals in Russian Federation" came into force on the December 29, 2021. The new provisions establish that foreign nationals (including international students) staying in Russia for more than 90 days must undergo a medical examination, fingerprint registration and official photographing.

The following penalties can be levied upon those who have not completed the established procedures or failed to complete them on time: administrative fine, deportation.

You can find more details about these obligatory procedures at: https://ivisa.hse.ru/dactilo1.

Student ID card

Student ID cards will be issued and handed out in the Study Office (Pokrovskiy blvd, 11, office T518) after September 11th.

Please hand in your photos for ID cards before the organizational meeting on August 31st (details in the announcement).

Library card

Please make sure you read the Library Use Policy of National Research University Higher School of Economics at https://library.hse.ru/documents

Fill in the registration form on the HSE University Library website at https://elib.hse.ru/e-resources/library/appl_form.htm (to register, you will need to provide your student ID card number and an HSE University e-mail address). After submitting the registration form, you will receive your library card number available via HSE App X.

Upon registering on the Library website, please use this link - https://library.hse.ru/e-resources - to get remote access to eLibrary resources.

If you have any questions about the Library, please feel free to contact the Library’s hotline (https://library.hse.ru/hotline) or contact us via https://vk.com/hselibrary / https://t.me/s/hse_library/.

If you want to sign up for a Library tour or find out how to look for information in printed and online resources, please contact us by e-mail at library@hse.ru.

How to apply for a Muscovite student card

A Muscovite card can be issued by the “My Documents” Service Centre and be used for accessing public transportation in Moscow at reduced rates.

Step 1: Check your registration details on the website of Moscow Social Register here: Registration in the Register of Students / Postgraduate Students / Doctoral Students

Step 2: Complete the registration procedures at the www.mos.ru portal and submit an application for a Muscovite card via your personal account. Your application will be processed within 30 calendar days. You can check the status of your application in your personal account or using this link

If you are an international student, you will need to apply for your SNILS (a pension insurance certificate), in order to submit an application for a Muscovite student card.


How to apply for a SNILS?

A SNILS card is issued at the local PFR office (Pension Fund of the Russian Federation) or “My Documents” Service Centre, upon your submission of a personal application.

Make sure to bring the following documents:

1) your ID (passport or residence permit);
2) a notarized passport (ID) translation.

List of the PFR offices in Moscow: 

List of the “My Documents” Service Centre offices https://www.mos.ru/pgu/ru/md/.

How to apply for a “MIR” scholarship bank card from VTB Bank

HSE University’s Accounting and Reports Office and Admissions Office issue scholarship bank cards with HSE University’s special design jointly with VTB Bank Office No. 7701. Cardholders will not be charged any service fees. 

First-year students (including international students) who are eligible for scholarship payments will be automatically issued a scholarship bank card.

If a scholarship bank card cannot be issued for any reason, you will be notified via your corporate student e-mail.

Scholarship bank cards (MIR cards) may be collected according to the set schedule, either on-campus or at a branch of VTB Bank.

Information about the place, dates and schedule for your bank card’s issue will be sent to your HSE University corporate e-mail.

Contact details for the HSE Accounting and Reports Office

(Re: any matters relating to scholarship payments and other student allowances, as well as MIR bank cards for scholarship payments)

E-mail: std@hse.ru

Telephone: 8-495-772-95-90, ext. 11576

Income certificates and/or scholarship payments: https://fd.hse.ru/servisy/studentam/spravki_budzhetnym_studentam.

How to apply for a certificate to confirm your admission for study at HSE University (if needed)

A certificate to confirm your admission to studies at HSE University will be issued within five working days after the application date.

How to apply for a certificate: at the Student Cervice Centre

When: after the issue of your matriculation directive.

You do not need to request a certificate to check in the dormitory, they will be issued automatically.

Military registration

First-year students admitted to studies under degree programmes in a full-time mode and subject to military registration must complete military registration procedures at the Military Registration Unit at HSE University.

Military registration

For military registration at the University, please submit an application via your MyHSE Services Account within five working days after getting access to your personal account via the Military Registration Service at https://bpm.hse.ru/Runtime/Runtime/Form/ARMY__f__RequestByStudent.

Please make sure to attach scanned copies of all pages of the following military registration documents:

  • ID of a citizen subject to conscription for military service;
  • military service card or a certificate issued to students who are subject to conscription for military service. 

If you are exempt from conscription for military service for medical reasons, please submit an application to confirm your status.

Military draft exemption certificate

To get a certificate issued in the established format (as per Annex No. 4 to the Regulations for Military Service Draft for Russian Citizens), which confirms a right for military draft exemption, please visit the Military Registration Unit at HSE University and present the following documents:

  • passport;
  • an ID of a citizen subject to conscription for military service.

Address: Military Registration Unit at HSE University, Office 101 and Office 107, 18 Kosmonavta Volkova Ul., Moscow.

Hours of operation: starting from September 1, Monday – Thursday, 10am – 5pm; Friday, 10am – 4pm.

Those students, who are subject to military conscription, must submit a certificate confirming their right for military draft exemption to their local military conscription office every year, from September to October (inclusive).

Students under the age of 18 are expected to receive certificates when it becomes necessary to submit them to military conscription offices after reaching the age of 18. 

You can find more details here: Military Draft Exemption.

Pass for accessing HSE University buildings

Information about the dates and schedule for collecting passes will be sent to students via HSE University corporate e-mail and can be found here: https://www.hse.ru/org/hse/aup/security/propusk.

Useful links

HSE Academic Handbook – you can find answers to all questions about the study process at HSE University here.

HSE bylaws and Regulations can be found in respective sections.